The Dishwasher Is No Place For Making Biscuits, Young Man.


July 11, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Ever since we brought Eazy home from the Humane Society he has been the most biscuit makingest kitten I have ever seen. He has always been a purrer, but now every time you touch him he starts making biscuits. For those of you not familiar with what the Hell I am talking about, making biscuits is a term used to describe that thing that cats do when they are relaxed and usually being petted. They extend the digits of one of their front paws and relax the other paw. The paws then take turns being relaxed and extended creating a sort of kneading or massaging effect. Like they are making biscuits. Let me see if I can find a video clip to demonstrate. Hold on. Here we go:

So cute. You gotta love the innernet sometimes. I mean the instant gratification of typing “cat making biscuits” into Google and poof there’s a video of just what you have been talking about. Despite the fact that all technology is evil and will ultimately bring about humankind’s downfall, sometimes I think that the vast abundance of videos of cats making biscuits might be worth our complete annihilation.

Anyway, he is a serious biscuit maker. In the time that it has taken me to type this, I have witnessed Eazy make biscuits at least four times. So friggin’ cute.

So, I got my desk all set up yesterday. I spent a good deal of last night making hanging file folders and sorting through the mountain of paperwork that was the top of my former desk. Hooray for organization! I finally got everything all set up and have photographed the new set up for you. Peep this:

Despite the fact that it is actually a bigger desk, it makes the room feel incredibly bigger. Perception is weird thing.

I still have to get the printer hooked up and working. It is on my “to do” list for today. That and clean the freezer out, do the grocery shopping for the week, empty the trash, write my article for the City Wire, and take a shower. I pity the fools who have been in near proximity to me in the last few days. I can’t remember the last time I took a shower. That is never a good sign.

Well, I’d love to stay here and chat, but I have to go do stuff for the greater good of all humanity. More soon. ~SC

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  1. jessicarabid says:

    Thanks again for the desk. It looks great in my bedroom.

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