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July 8, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Well, today is the day. I will be taking Test Subjects: Group II in to the Humane Society in approximately one and a half hours. They are feisty as Hell this morning. I had a pretty funny thought last night. Pancake Land was getting some last chance snuggle time in before I put the boys to bed. I had this thought that the kittens knew something was up, but that it had nothing to do with them. As P.L. was petting Gonzo, I envisioned this conversation between Eazy and Frank over by the food bowl.

Frank: Hey, Eazy…

Eazy: Yeah.

Frank: Have you noticed that that one white ape is acting weird?

Eazy: Yeah, I have. I wonder what’s up with her.

Frank: Just between you and me, I think she is about to leave that other white ape.

Eazy: The hairy one? Ah, man, I like that guy.

Frank: Me, too.

Eazy: I feel sorry for the guy.

Frank: Sad thing is that he doesn’t see it coming. Poor bastard.

Eazy: Maybe we should tell him.

Frank: Nah, man. He’ll find out soon enough. We just have to be there for him after it happens.

Eazy: Maybe we should make him a banner outta that bubbly stuff.

Frank: Now, that’s a great idea. Good show, Eazy. Good show.

They have no idea what’s coming. Sometimes I like to imagine the conversations kittens are having. It is a fun game. I especially love doing it when they are shitting. That whole staring at the ceiling thing gets me every time.

Anyway, on a completely different note, apparently Resting Laurels was on NPR yesterday. I know. It’s totally awesome, and I am just as jealous as you are. The story was about the 50th Anniversary of To Kill a Mockingbird and they interviewed R.L. because she teaches the book in her Virginia classroom. That is too awesome. If you want to hear the story, you can check it out on the Morning Edition website under yesterday’s date, or you can click hear. (Ha, get it? Click hear. Because you are about to listen to it? Oh, nevermind.) I officially know someone who has been on NPR. Sweet.

I don’t really know to talk about this next thing that I want to talk about. Just know that there is something in the works called “Dog Titty Unlimited” and there is no limit to the things that can happen once Dog Titty gets involved. Also, something about “Drownin’ Minners” and “Three Chicks and a Douche”. Um, yeah. Dog Titty.

Tonight is the last night of the “twice a week” Wipeout business. This whole Tuesday night Wipeout, Wednesday night Top Chef, and Thursday night Wipeout again thing got old fast. It would be different if we had cable, but we don’t. So, we have to be social and visit other people’s houses to watch these shows with them. We go over to Little Peddler’s and G-Man’s house for Wipeout and we go to White Chocolate’s for Top Chef. Since we have to go somewhere to watch television, it limits the amount of stuff we can get accomplished on those nights. Take three nights out of the week and we don’t get much done. For people with as much to do as P.L. and I have to do, taking three nights away from us is a terrible idea. We have managed to deal with it so far, but we couldn’t take it much longer. Luckily, after this week, it cuts back down to the very manageable two nights of television a week.

Well, I’ve got to go get ready to take the boys in to the vet tech. Let’s hear it for the boys. More soon. ~SC


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