The Parakeet’s Song.


July 15, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Just so that you know, parakeets don’t sing. They squawk and trill and chirp, but they do not sing. In fact they do all of those things, excluding singing, very loudly all day. Well, maybe the males do. I don’t have females, so I cannot say for certain what they do. I mean, I know they lay eggs because all girly birds do that. I mean about the noises.

Anyway, wanna know how to keep them quiet? I have heard covering the cage with a cloth works, or moving the cage into a dark room until you get up, but I have found something that works even better than tricking them into thinking it is night. It is called mortal fear. Eazy has just discovered that he can get up to the parakeet’s cage. And by up to, I mean on top of.

Hear that? Total silence.

I can tell when he is up there because the whole house gets quiet. Sometimes, like right now, I am just ignoring him being there and enjoying the peacefully quiet morning.

Yesterday was exciting. If you consider sitting in dentist’s waiting rooms and insurance offices exciting. That sums up my day yesterday. Well, almost. I did change my voice mail message to… well, on second thought, maybe I should just let you find out for yourself. Call me, I’ll have my phone turned off just for you. If you actually need to reach me, call me at work.

I also received the long awaited Recipe Journal. Remember when I first talked about it? That was May 2nd. Today is July 15th and it is now mine. Mwhahaha… Ooh, chance for me to use my new scanner. Hold on.

Man, scanners come in handy. And not just for giving your enemies nosebleeds.

I also found the fur hat that Teacher Sis and I “rescued”. We had been driving around a week or so ago and we spotted this black and white plaid fur lined hat in the road. You know, the kind with the ear flaps. Think Fargo. We had no choice but to save it. Anyway, the thing rocks. It has a built in church key (for those that are to young to know what a church key is, it is a bottle opener for um, root beer) that has it’s own little pocket with snapping strap and everything. We hypothesized that the hat probably cost in the $30-$60 range when it was purchased. Score one for Soviet Russia. So, after a thorough washing, I found it in the dryer and sported it around the house until I started sweating profusely. It is surprisingly comfortable.

Anyway, I can’t shirk work two days in a row, so I had best hit the road. More soon. ~SC


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