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July 18, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Hey. You know what? It’s hot. Really hot. When I got into Word to Me’s car yesterday this is what the outside temperature read as:

For you nerds out there, that's 50.556 degrees Celsius.

That, in my humble opinion, is stupid. My Soviet blood cannot handle this ridiculous hot weather. It would not be so bad if it wasn’t so humid. I can’t even walk outside without my entire body, butt crack included, being coated with sweat. It just makes a brother feel gross. If I wasn’t so rugged and manly, I’d probably be taking two or three showers a day to quell the grossness.

Anyway, Le Duke and I, with a lot of help from Operation B as well, managed to build the floor in my new office. Luckily we started early enough to avoid the 50°C weather. It was only 49°C in the garage at 8am. Regardless of temperature, or the fact that I managed to break a #2 Phillips driver bit and had to stop working to go to WalMart* to buy one, I got the floor finished. Now I just have to pull the old nails from the walls, run electrical stuff, drywall, mud, install the electrical stuff, paint, finish the floor, do the trim work, and move all of my stuff out of hiding and into the office. Then I can add the peg board to the garage-facing wall, add the plywood on top the office for storage, and begin the task of getting my garage in order.

I realize now that this post is coming much later than most of you are used to. My apologies. But, screw you, I wanted to sleep in today. Then JoJo called and wanted to bring by a presnent for me. Well, not really a presnent, more like a trade. You see, the Phone that Nicky the Cook gave me doesn’t work with a 3G sim card. Unfortunately, even my awesome “only able to make and receive calls” phone has a 3G card in it. JoJo being a technophile, was all about the Phone and said he would gladly trade me his 3GS iPhone for it. He is upgraded to the 4G iPhone already and his 3GS was just collecting dust in his house. The trade worked out pretty fairly I think. Now, seeing as how I have no interest, for self preservation reasons, of being on the innernet every second of every day, my new iPhone is pretty much a glorified iPod Touch with a camera in it. Score one for evil.

Well, I guess I should publish this and get to work on this week’s article. More soon. ~SC


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