You Take The Good, You Take The Bad…


July 14, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

So, today’s post was going to be a downer of a post. It turns our that it might just be a post that is so awesome that your head lights on fire. You have been warned. So keep your fire extinguisher handy and let’s begin.

I sold my Volvo to a scrap yard for $80 yesterday. That car is a beast. It is 20 years old. Jackie the Mick pulled it out of a field, flushed the transmission, and we’ve been driving it for close to 5 years. I paid him two cigarettes for that car, so I guess you could say that I turned a profit, but at what expense? Stabbing a loyal friend in the back for 80 silver pieces, is what it feels like. In reality, I had to put my trusty steed down so that I didn’t have to watch it suffer for another 5 years. That car was dying. It needed a new transmission and, for all intensive purposes, a new engine. Good luck finding those anywhere. Especially for a 20 year old Volvo. Air filters for that car were like $60 bucks. Anyway, this is my tribute to my old Volvo who has been sent off to that great pasture in the sky. Here’s to you old friend.

Goodbye, my dear Volvo.

On a slightly funnier (at my expense) note, I found my receipts from when I paid my fishing ticket when I was cleaning out the Volvo. About three years ago, I got a ticket for fishing without a license. And I paid $165 for it. A fishing license is $10. Kids, listen to your Uncle Sandwich, never go fishing without a license. It’s not worth it.

Are you ready for the head on fire experience? Good.

Yesterday, Pancake Land introduced me to the Old Spice bodywash commercials. They are brilliant. For those of you who are not familiar with the new series of Old Spice bodywash commercials, let me introduce you.

Okay, so now that you have some context, apparently yesterday you could send the Old Spice shower guy, or rather, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” a message on Twitter and he would respond with a video. The results are shear genius. It makes my head light on fire. This whole ad campaign skates that very awesome line between brilliance and insanity. I love it. It would be hard to pick just one favorite, but I think this is it.

The space ship one is brilliant, too.You can see all of them on the Old Spice channel on Youtube. I just watched the Starbucks one. Tears. So many tears are coming out of my face. You really shouldn’t laugh so hard first thing in the morning.

If that wasn’t enough to light you head on fire, Dave told me about the single from Andre 3000. He is covering “All Together Now” by the Beatles. It is most excellent. Prepare yourself for ultimate flavor while I find the link to the song.

Oh, I’ve got it. You can listen to it here: Andre 3000 – All Together Now (Beatles Cover)

Today is exciting isn’t it? The good news doesn’t stop there. My Moleskine Recipe Journal is on the truck for delivery, which means it will be here in a few hours. Probably while Pancake Land and I are out getting insurance on “Ava” and going for yet another dentist visit. I might work today, I might not. I don’t know. All I know is that Top Chef comes on tonight. Yes. Wednesday is a good day. More soon. ~SC


  1. jessicarabid says:

    Holy CRAP dude. I have been putting that off. Shame on me.

    Cant. Breathe…

  2. jessicarabid says:

    Old Spice Guy.

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