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July 7, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Just as a heads up to everybody, if you want to see the kittens before we take them back to the Humane Society, today would be the day to do it. Please call and let us know you’re coming over. Don’t just pop on over out the blue. Anyway, I will be taking the boys in bright and early tomorrow for the deballing and microchipping. Pancake Land has left the decision, about whether or not to keep Eazy, up to me. Which means that we will be, more than likely, keeping him.

Last night, P.L. and I worked on something that we have been threatening to do for quite a while now, a menu. We are constantly wondering what to have for dinner, so we made a menu. You know, like elementary school. This way we know what is for dinner any given week night and can plan accordingly. I can shop for a week’s worth of meals and not have to go to WalMart* everyday. Not that I don’t enjoy going to WalMart*, but it gets exhausting trying to figure out what is for dinner and then shop for it and then cook it after a long days work. That is what I do while P.L. is working. Then she takes a break for dinner and goes right back to work. Now, with our new fangled system, she can start dinner before she starts working and I can finish it when I get home. It’s like having my own personal prep chef.

Today’s menu is beans and cornbread. Or rather beans and “butter pie”. The beans are slow cooking today with a little onion, garlic, red pepper, and smoked jowls. Mmm…

I can’t really tell you why, but just know that Teacher Sis is the coolest. Just so you know. I was going to put a found image up about my sister being cooler than you, but all I found was crappy stuff and a post about a Ford Fairlane. Right.

I am getting around slow today. That means I am running late. Maybe I’ll go look at Fleshlights. More soon. ~SC


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