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August 16, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Would you like to hear something interesting about this particular post? Nope. Oh, well, nevermind then.

Since this is my show, I am going to tell you anyway. This is the 500th post. How insane is that? Five hundred days. There are only a few things that I have done consistently for 500 days in my entire life and most of them involve the term “self pleasure”. This is now one of them. One of the things that I have done, not one of the things that has the term “self pleasure” in it. Jeez.

Well, I successfully managed to do squat yesterday. I wrote my article, or at least a rough draft, went grocery shopping, mowed the grass, and the rest of the day was spent watching Bones. I probably spent seven hours watching television yesterday. That might not be such a strange thing for most people, but for me it is very weird. It would be like saying I spent seven hours putting lotion on my skin (so as to not get the hose again) or I spent seven hours sweeping the kitchen floor. It is something that happens occasionally and it is over with pretty quickly. It is not something that I do marathon style. I actually think that I was more concerned with the act of finishing the first season than with watching the show. I didn’t fast forward or anything, but that is what I felt like. I, of course, did not finish the season, but I will do that today, more than likely. After work. I may be obsessed with finishing the season, but I am not that obsessed.

Today is Monday. Yet again. The agenda for today probably involves me shipping packages to my future in-Baltimore self and painting more trim. Maybe doing a booty dance. Possibly riding a wooden stick horse. What’s that I see in the crystal ball? Green peas?! Why in the world would I be eating green peas? That’s just silly.

Happy 500th Post everybody. More soon. ~SC


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