It’s Crowning.


August 23, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Yesterday we spent the entire day setting up the booth for this week’s Buyer’s Market of American Craft. It was exhausting. After we set up the booth we went to dinner at this little Italian seafood joint down the road. I gorged myself on Rockfish topped with chunk King Crab dressed with “Imperial sauce”. I have never eaten Imperial sauce before, but it tasted very familiar. I joked that it was made with French’s Yellow Mustard and Miracle Whip. Turns out, I wasn’t completely wrong. Imperial sauce is made with mustard and mayo, and some other stuff, but the mustard and mayo are the big ones. I knew it tasted like deviled eggs.

I am so not awake right now. I slept like a rock and I would still be asleep if I hadn’t forced myself out of bed. I need to find coffee and breakfast before I have to be nice to people all day (in an attempt to get there money). I’m going to leave you with a photo of Le Duke hard at work.

He does this everytime.

More soon. ~SC


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  2. Word to Me says:

    Yep there’s our treasure all right! Gotta love him.

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