Look At The Bones!


August 15, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I am mildly obsessed with Bones right now. I am burning through the first season on the Netflix instant queue. Ever since the strange end of Angel, I have been watching Bones. Unfortunately, Pancake Land does not share my enthusiasm for this show. I think her non-interest in all things science and her mediocre love of David Boreanaz combine to her dissuade her from watching the show with me. I also think that the character of Dr. Temperance Brennan grates on her nerves a little. Perhaps it is because I actually know scientists like Dr. Brennan, with her vast knowledge of the scientific method and her completely naive understanding of all things pop culture, that makes me enjoy her so much. I know professors at the university that could rattle off Latin names for myxomycetes and couldn’t tell you who was on Three’s Company. Brilliant.

Anyway, watching Bones and loving it. My weekend has been surprisingly laid back. Other than the “get Pancake Land’s hair done” trip yesterday I pretty much did nothing. Operation B and I went over to the Furious Mick household to see Angie the Queen of Kings and then, of course, watched some Bones. Today is promising to be equally laid back in so far as that all I have to do today is write this week’s article and do a little grocery shopping. I should probably start finding all of the crap that I need to take with me to Baltimore next weekend, as well.

So, hopefully, by this time next weekend I will have been to the Smithsonian Museum of American History and paid homage to the remains of Julia Child’s kitchen. Don Chulius and the Baroness Ida von Blitzenstein are expecting my visit and it will be very nice to see my old friends again. It has been quite a while. Maybe I should take them some crawfish. On second thought, the idea of carrying little crustaceans in my backpack, through the drug sniffing dogs at airport security, doesn’t sound like fun times to me. Maybe I can get Le Duke’s son, Davie Crocker, to whip us up some etouffee. Mmm… etouffee.

Pancake Land and I have recently come to the conclusion that we really love Eazy. Like love him. In that “want to squeeze the life from him, he is so precious” kind of way. It has come to our attention that, if either of us had to choose between our partner or the cat (in the scenario of both are hanging from a cliff and you can save only one) we would choose to save each other, but it was a very hard decision. My choice was determined mainly on the relative chance of survival of each one. Since Eazy has a much greater chance of surviving the fall (and in the event of death, I could actually replace Eazy with a close facsimile), I would save Pancake Land. Pancake Land chose me because Eazy likes me more than he likes her, and she is slightly bitter about it. Regardless, we love the little handsome baby cat.

Well, I am off to write an article and compose a grocery list. More soon. ~SC


  1. I love “Bones”. I will watch every re-run that comes on TV. Can hardly wait for the new season to start. I understand Brennan. I feel like I am more like her than I’m not like her. Does that make sense? Well, it does to me. Go “Bones”.

  2. Jessica says:

    Eazy should have his own photos page.

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