August 5, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Yesterday, Back Alley Trey and I finished that damned bamboo floor in Le Duke’s new house. So, that makes kitchen, hallway, family room, two bathrooms, three bedrooms, entryway, living room, and dining room that I have floored in that house. The only rooms without flooring are the studio upstairs and the garage apartment. Whenever he makes up his mind about those, I’ll be ready. As for the leftover bamboo, I just decided, this very second, that I am going to go ahead and put it in my new office.

I finished the two part retrospective article for the City Wire last night. Hopefully, Mike Tango will dig it. The first part should be up tomorrow. I’ll let you know.

It dawned on me yesterday that the show in Baltimore is in a little over two weeks. Holy crap. So much to do and two weeks to do it in. Ahhhh!

I get a break, albeit a small one, from the birthdays until Saturday. Saturday is my Nanny’s birthday. Apparently I am going to be making the super secret recipe for creamy bars. This is one of the two classic Nanny desserts that she makes. This year, after all of her illness and surgery and whatnot, she said “Screw it.” and decided that she wasn’t baking for her birthday party. So, Teacher Sis took up the helm of the birthday cake ship and I am planning on making creamy bars. No one, as of yet, is slated to take on the second Nanny staple dessert, the oatmeal candy. I’m sure someone will step up.

Paula Deen makes a variation of the creamy bar called a “Gooey Cake”, but it not quite the same. Perhaps Paula Deen uses a fancy cake mix. The trick is to get the cheapest one imaginable. Something in a plain yellow box, preferably. Well, that’s what Nanny told me anyway. I am still waiting on Word to Me to resend the recipe to me. Maybe I’ll just go over there and get it tonight. It will be the first thing that I write in my fancy new food journal. I was saving writing in it (actually I was just busy) until this very moment.

Anyway, I’ve got iPods to set up and boxes to pack. More soon. ~SC


  1. Word to Me says:

    Walmart makes some pretty good no-bake cookies (oatmeal candy) I might just have to pick some up. It is too damned hot to stand over a stove and stir boiling sugar and chocolate. Oh wait, I can give you that recipe too!

  2. Dark Wombat says:

    Take it from somebody who puts rugs over his bamboo floors, do not go in those rooms with bare feet.

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