Riddler On The Roof.


August 17, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

So, after shipping the boxes to Baltimore and painting a bunch of trim, Le Duke and I headed over to the wall smashing site and cleaned up the last of the brick debris. We will be returning there today to finish up the roof job on the gazebo and to remove this ancient/awesome appliance that is a sink, stove top, convection oven, and refrigerator all in one. Awesome and ridiculously heavy at the same time. Like I have stated before, this backyard is like a Zen monastery so getting this monster through the winding stone paths is going to be a lot of fun. No, wait, not really.

I bet you are wondering why I am doing this work and not Taco Planet. This is, after all, his job and not mine. My job is to stand around and look at stuff and think about stuff. His job is to remove brick debris and finish putting roofs on. Unfortunately for me, T.P. has decided recently to crash his scoot-scoot in to things like the road and a KIA. This decision has left him in a rather battered state. Too battered to climb on top of the rubber-shingled gazebo and finish the job that he and Le Duke started a few weeks ago. Stupid KIAs.

I am very sleepy. I slept for total crap last night. In addition to the fun times of manual labor during the day, Pancake Land received a relatively small (300 piece) wholesale order that we have to knock out before I leave for Baltimore on Friday. Both of us were groaning last night after sitting on the floor for hours on end. Anyway, we are making serious progress on the order and we should have it completed by tomorrow if we can manage to not jam our dicks in it before then. She did send me a totally amazing photo to make the work bearable. Wanna see it? All right. Here it is:

I want one.

Well, the kittens are totally bat shit insane this morning, so I probably need to go wrangle. More soon. ~SC


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