August 27, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

First off the bat this morning, I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Back Alley Trey. You should wish him one as well. In fact, better than that, you should give me one of your kidneys. Seriously. You should.

Next on the agenda is my new article on the City Wire. It is online and you can read it here.

I’m sitting here at my desk and I feel very trapped. There are piles of paperwork everywhere that needs sorting through. There are keys, and cameras, and meat snacks, and headphones, and sunglasses, and post-its all over the place. My feet are crowded with tool boxes and backpacks. There are chairs surrounding my chair. I feel a little smooshed. While I was out of town, Pancake Land’s office spread out a little bit in order for her to get her work done. Dear long-haired hippie Jesus, I can’t wait to have my office finished. Then I can’t blame my mess on anyone else.

Today is going to be your normal “get my business in order after being gone a week” day. Pancake Land has the last of her dentist appointments, for a while, this morning. After that, I need to try to contact my professors concerning the first week of class that I have missed and get my homework assignments. I also need to do a little grocery shopping and have lunch with Word to Me. I told Le Duke that I might come in to work for a little bit, but I doubt it.

I got my first gift card from the My Points thing that I do, while I was away. 50 bucks in iTunes goes away pretty quick, especially when you are buying audio books. I got two David Sedaris books that I didn’t have, I got the Sarah Silverman memoir, I got a stellar version of The Great Gatsby, and I got Where the Wild Things Are. $50 gone in an instant. Well, what do you want for nothing? Rubber biscuit?

Anywho, I’m going to go poop and clean up the kitchen ere I have to wake P.L. to go to the “torturer”. More soon. ~SC


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