With Go-Karts And Raviolis.


August 19, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I would like to start off today’s post by wishing two very special ladies a very Happy Birthday. So, Happy Birthday to Crackoline Clifton Monte Carlo and Happy Birthday to the Amazing Amy. Be sure to wish both of these crazy gals a happy one today.

Financial aid still has not come through for school, so today is the day I have to decide whether or not to buy my text books while they are pulled together in a neat little bundle that I ordered or whether I risk losing the textbooks and waiting for my grants. In reality, me being pretty tense and uptight about school stuff, I’ll probably drop the 500 bucks on the three textbooks and call it a day. If my grants come in they’ll reimburse me and if they don’t come in then I would have to buy them anyway. Now that that’s settled, I can worry about something else. Perhaps I should start thinking about that trip to Baltimore that I am taking tomorrow.

Apparently, I talk in my sleep. Pancake Land tells me these stories about stuff I do and say when she comes to bed only to discover that I am tied up in both of the blankets or I am sprawled all over the bed. I have no recollection of these events. She just tells me about them after they happen. Anyway, the other night she came to bed and found me wadded up in both blankets with both of our pillows and I was lying like an arrow diagonally across the bed. She says this conversation took place and I have no doubt that I actually said what you are about to read.

PL: “Babe! Seriously?!”

SC: (growls and mumbles)

PL: “I could punch you in the mouth right now.”

SC: “I’m going to fuck you in your mouth. With go-karts and raviolis.”

PL: “What?”

SC: “I love you so much.”

PL: “Love you too. Now give me my covers and pillows back so I can go to bed.”

SC: “Oh.”

I guess at this point she took the blanket and pillows back from me and pushed me back onto my side of the bed. Apparently, “Oh.” and “I love you so much.” are my preprogrammed responses to every question or statement that a person could make to me while I am asleep. Especially when I am finished talking because I am asleep. Where the go-karts and raviolis came from I no idea.

It is the first day of public school today. You should most definitely wish Teacher Sis luck today.

Well, I need to get ready for work. More soon. ~SC


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