Working At The Car Wash, Yeah.


August 13, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Today is Friday. That means my new article is up on the City Wire. You can read it here.

La Duchess made it safely back from France on Wednesday night and I got presnents yesterday when I got to work. Granted, I paid for the things they brought me back, but what better way to ensure that they bring me stuff I want from France. Anyway, she brought me bamboo coffee filters and two of the sexiest dried sausages I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I tried to encourage Pancake Land to try them, but the overall appearance, plus her predisposition for avoiding any kind of sausage, sort of killed that idea before it took off. Anyway, they are super delicious. I went and got a little block of Havarti and some Triscuits and had my self a little late night meat and cheese snack. So good.

I got an email from AT&T yesterday informing me that I am eligible for an upgrade to my phone. Actually, Pancake Land’s phone is the one they wanted to upgrade, which is just strange, but nevermind about that. So, I went over to the store where I first got my house phone turned into a cell phone and renewed my contract. I thought about not renewing the contract, but if you don’t they can decide to not do things like give you roll over minutes and free mobile to mobile. Essentially, the only things making it worth having this phone. Anyway, since I was going to be paying a reactivation fee regardless of whether or not I got new phones, I decided to let them give me new phones. Pancake Land put it best when she said they look like phones you would give little kids. It’s true. When I first switched over to a cell phone, Motorola Razrs were the cool phone to have. Now there only two kinds of phones:

1) Data phones (cool)

2) My phone (lame)

Yeah, they look like the phones that you (or terrorists) can buy at the dollar store for your seven year old who wants to text message his girlfriend in the next city over (who does things sexually that are dirtier than anything you can imagine). Damn I’m old.

Anyways, sometimes in the evenings, Pancake Land and I will sit out on the front stoop and watch the people at the car wash. There are all sorts of people who come to the car wash. People with very loud systems bumping (c)Rap, or R&B, or Spanish polka. People in their company cars. People who just want to meet other people. The most intriguing group of visitors to our car wash are the junk people. At any time of day or night, you can almost always watch somebody pull up in a car (usually a nice one) and they will walk around looking for stray quarters and digging through the trash cans for stuff. Almost all of them collect aluminum cans. Sometimes, and it’s usually the ones with the nicer cars, they go dumpster diving. Why this is so fascinating is that there are so many people who do this, you wouldn’t expect these people to find much. Plus, you have to imagine that they don’t only come to my car wash. They more than likely go to other car washes as well. Make the rounds, if you will. It is bizarre. Maybe I’ll go ask one of them why they do it. I mean they do it like everyday likes it a second job. It’s weird and I can’t wrap my head around it.

I think we might drywall my office tomorrow, but I need to talk to Le Duke about it first. Speaking of first, I need to get through Friday before I can worry about Saturday. More soon. ~SC


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