You Don’t Know A Thing About Driving.


August 18, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I am getting around slowly today. I slept for crap again. It dawned on me last night that I forgot to wish Yervan a Happy Birthday, yesterday. So, if you forgot too, then be sure to wish him a Happy belated one today.

Yesterday, Le Duke and I finished that gazebo roof and lugged that monster of an ancient appliance through the Zen garden backyard and up to the awaiting van. After that whole almost falling off the roof a few times thing, nothing makes you feel more alive than almost having a 136kg (300lb.) fridge/sink/stove/convection oven crush you as it slides down some rickety wooden stairs.

After the excitement of the morning, and having lunch, Operation B decided to come hang out with me while I was working. This just translates into I put him to work. We glazed some pots and proceeded to rake all of the already falling leaves of Lippincottonia into one massive pile. I feel bad sometimes putting O.B. to work all of the time. I mean, he’s still a kid. He just wants to hang out with me and I always put him to work. So, with this in mind, I told O.B. that if he wanted to, after we got the leaves raked into a pile we could jump in them. So, we get the leaves raked and Operation B is about to make the first of many jumps when, as he is running toward the pile, he steps into a hole and crashes into the pile and he just lays there for a while. A little too long. So, thinking he just playing around, which is par for the course with him, Taco Planet and I go check on him. It is at this point where he starts moving and saying that he hurt his ankle. He says the words “I think I broke my ankle.” and we are like “Yeah, right. You tripped in a hole.” Turns out, after his trip to the Emergency Room, he did break his ankle. He broke his tibia in fact. I feel horrible. All I wanted to do was let him have a little fun and I break the kid’s leg. Luckily, everyone involved with his leg has a pretty good sense of humor about the whole thing. That said, if I can get my hands on the x-rays I post them for you.

I don’t normally dig political cartoons, but La Duchess showed me this one, and since it applies to me directly, I’ll share it with you. Here you go:

It is really not funny. Seriously. I'm not laughing.

So the State still hasn’t told me whether or not I am getting Grant money for the next two semesters. I am still getting my Pell Grant, but as far as the other two that I applied for (you know, the ones that will pay for my books) I have no idea.

Well, I am running late. I’ll try not to break anyone’s leg today. More soon. ~SC


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