All Balls, No Shaft.


September 22, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

To start out this post, since it will be kind of a downer, I think we need a little mood lifting music, so here:

Okay. Today is going to suck. This is the day when I get to return our loving foster quartet to the Humane Society. Pancake Land is pretty upset about it. Who can blame her? Have you seen the ridiculous cuteness? The good news is that Taco Planet will be adopting Leopold. That’s at least one of the boys that we can go visit. We might adopt Kingston if he is still there on Saturday. Now, for those of you fighting over who gets to adopt Moses (mainly Teacher Sis and White Chocolate), he should be up for adoption tomorrow or Friday. So, may the best woman win. It is still a bummer. I am glad that I will get to miss the first few hours of Eazy walking around looking the boys and meowing. When I took them in for their shots last week, he did that the whole time I was gone. Depressing. Hopefully it will not take long to get a new batch of fosters that he will be wary of and we’ll start the whole process over again.

We talked about what would happen if we adopted all of them. We came to the conclusion that we would turn into this guy:

We’re not quite ready to be that crazy, yet. I mean he has built a little town for them with a church and everything. When I have nothing better to do than built a tiny city and feed 600+ cats, then that will be me. Until then, I have work to do.

I am so tired this week. I think I normally get some rest on the weekends. This past weekend, what with the finish building the office push and all, I did not rest. I have also slacked on studying for my Zoology test and writing my article. You would think that all that I’ve been doing is watching Bones, but surprisingly, I have been catching up on all of the crap that I neglected in order to build my office. I even blew off paying the bills which I am always frighteningly punctual about. Don’t worry, I paid them this morning. The electric is not going to be shut off or anything.

One day, I am going to be caught up on everything and I can work on my snazzy new recipe journal. Remember that? Well, it has just been sitting on my desk collecting dust since I got it. One day. One day.

Today’s agenda is as stressful as it is depressing. I have work this morning, after I drop the fosters off. Then I have Zoology lab this afternoon. Then I get to come home, make dinner (Fish stick/Chicken nugget night!), help give Eazy a bath and his anti-worm meds, clean out the doodoo box, write my article, leaving me just enough time for a shower before bedtime. Awesome. Wish me luck.

Well, it is Foster’s time. Wish the boys luck! More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    Having that many cats all around you is an almost overwhelming sensation. I experienced this at a park in miami where people would dump their unwanted felines.

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