Giant Foraminiferan Versus Robot Cnidarian.


September 24, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Happy Friday everybody. I have to apologize profusely for not mentioning Rosco the Furious Mick’s birthday yesterday. Sorry, Buddy. Apparently, Pancake Land already told him that I would buy him an ice cream, so I don’t feel too bad. His birthday is now in my calendar, and I won’t forget it again. So, if you missed it yesterday, be sure to wish him a great big (belated) Happy Birthday today.

It is raining so I’m getting around kinda late. I like how 7am has become “kinda late” in my Universe. I guess it has always been “kinda late” for me. It just used to mean that was when I went to bed. In that “I got in kinda late” kind of way. Growing up is stupid. Having a job is stupid.

Speaking of growing up and having jobs, my new article is up on the City Wire. You can read it here. In addition to that job that I have, I just accepted a position at the University working in the Letterpress department. I had to phrase that statement that way so that you would be jealous. If I had said I was hired temporarily and part time by the my letterpress instructor to carry cases of type from the old room to the new room, you would not have wanted the job. Anyway, I am officially a University employee. Whoo. And no, they won’t let me have keys to anything, especially the bell tower (Teacher Sis I knew you were going to ask). University policy is that no students get keys to any buildings. Apparently, that’s not entirely true because the security guard who came to lock up for me, since I don’t have keys, is also a student. Perhaps he has certain security clearance. Maybe an FBI back ground check or something.

Speaking of college, I took my first Zoology test yesterday. It wasn’t as painful as I had expected. Of course, I have no real idea of how I did, yet. The actual test grades are always a surprise. Speaking of surprises, guess what time it is. Time for me to go to work. Lame.

Oh, what’s that? Is that an All Metal, All Weekend Weekend I feel coming on? I think it is. To get this party started right, I have an oldie, but a goodie in store for you this morning. Get ready rock out with the terribleness. For now is time for Bad News:

More soon. ~SC


  1. TeacherSis says:

    Damn….I really wanted to climb up to the top of the bell tower this week.

  2. Princejazzbo says:

    I’ve been wanting to climb to the top of the tower this week, too.

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