Hey! I’ve Got Pudding In The Fridge!


September 23, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Do you ever have moments of totally relaxation, where your mind is a complete blank, and you are just comfortable in the snuggly position with your special lady (or gentleman)? I had one of those last night. Pancake Land and I were laying around, being all snuggly, my mind was a total blank, and then BLAMMO! Like a punch sound in a Spiderman comic, I realized that I had pudding cups in the fridge. Awesome. I love love love pudding cups. Especially cold ones.

That is, by far, the weirdest part of yesterday. Somehow, it wasn’t the only weird thing. So, if you were to look around in my house right now, you would notice that I still have all of my foster babies. What had happened was, the Humane Society only had two microchips. So they did the clip and chip on two of them. They were supposed to do it on Kingston (who Pancake Land is adopting) and Leopold (who Taco Planet is adopting). They ended up getting Moses and Kingston confused, and clipped Moses instead. So, we had agreed to keep the two unclipped boys for another week, until they can do the surgery. We went ahead and got the paperwork for Leopold signed and taken care of, so that was three that were going home with us, so we just sort of took Moses, too. We didn’t ask. We just took him. They didn’t even notice or question it or anything. So, rather than draw attention to the fact that we were taking him too, we just split. It’s not like we are stealing him and going to sell him on some weird underground kitten market. We just kept the brothers together. Until next week, when we split them up.

Anyway, I have my first Zoology test this morning. I have to say that I am sorely under-prepared for it. This is due mainly to, Hell, due completely to my lack of studying due to doing other stuff. I could have crammed last night. I could have. I had about an hour that was unaccounted for. Instead, though, I watched Bones. Between writing my article, paying bills, and dealing with angry readers of the City Wire who write emails to me defending their restaurants, I was in need of a little chilling out time.

Well, the time has come for me to face the music. In honor of my first Zoology test, and since I made a face the music reference, I think that the Animals are in order this morning.

Wish me luck. More soon. ~SC


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