How I Solved The Mystery Of The Bulging Drywall And Lived To Tell.


September 17, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

A good morning and a Happy Friday to all. We have managed to survive another week. I have to say that the kittens, in celebration of the weekend, are extra batshit crazy this morning. There is lots of random jumping up the walls going on in my house right now. It’s like there is a laser pointer shining about half way up the walls and the kittens can see it and I cannot. And don’t worry about them not getting plenty of cardio, because they are running laps around the entire house as well. Kittens!

Well, it is Friday that means my new article is up on the City Wire. Feel free to read it here.

My main concern, my main plan this weekend, is to finish my office and move into it. Last night, I was doing some little stuff when it dawned on me that I was missing an electrical outlet. Turns out that when we put up one of the sheets of drywall, we forgot to cut a hole for the outlet. So, I had to find it. Mainly because that was the main power supply to my desk. Turns out that when you install electrical boxes, you mount them so that they will eventually be flush with the surface of the drywall. Needless to say, mounting a sheet of drywall over said electrical box caused a slight bulge in the drywall and locating the outlet was quite simple. So, after rescuing my outlet from the wall, I set to work on building the support structure for my giant dry/erase board. Then my drill died. It still wasn’t charged up totally when my bedtime rolled around, so that’s something that needs to be finished this afternoon.

Operation B is supposed to be helping me this weekend. Despite his busted leg, he is still quite handy and tonight we will, hopefully, get the office painted. If we get the office painted tonight, then tomorrow we’ll pick up some flooring, lay it, and then install the trim, and move my crap into the office. I know, I know, the bamboo flooring question. Yes, I was going to lay bamboo flooring. I was going to use the leftover boxes from the Le Duke’s floor until I found out that they were $89 a box and I was going to need a little over four boxes, e.g. five boxes. That’s almost $450 for my floor. No, thank you. So, I told Le Duke to try and return them to the store and get 450 bucks back. As for me, I found some carpet tiles at A to Z the other day that weren’t totally heinous and were like $4 a piece. By my calculations, I will need 6 tiles, so that comes to a grand total of $24. That’s more my speed.

Anyway, I’ve got some poop trying to come out of my butt, so I’m going go now. More soon. ~SC


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