No News Is Good News.


September 16, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

For some reason, all of the local news this morning has been pretty depressing. Apparently a cop got stabbed while questioning a suspected murderer, then the cop shot the stabber/suspected murderer in the stomach. That’ll show him. Everybody knows that being shot in the stomach is a horrible, slow death.

NPR didn’t bring anything more uplifting. More about oil wells. Something about a car that get 111 miles to the gallon of gasoline (sorry for not giving the metric conversion, I’m just don’t feel up to conversions, yet) but we the public don’t get it yet because they have to do lots more “testing”. The Israelis and Palestinians have “made great strides” in their never-ending never-peace talks.

So… depressing…

Hold on while I find something a little more uplifting…

Ah, Mega 64 always makes me smile. Here you go:

Don’t you feel better now? Well, I’ve got to go to school. After school is work and then back to my office for more work. No rest for the Metal. More soon. ~SC


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