Regarding Math Based Racial Slurs.


September 8, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

You have no idea how disheartening it was to discover that I was actually excited and entertained by a proof of the Pythagorean theorem. It involved using congruent triangles to build a rhombus that is then proven to be a square. Anyway, it is very nerdy and it bummed me out because I liked it.

So last night I noticed a few new comments on my most recent article on the City Wire. When I read them, I could not help but laugh. A lot. There are a bunch of people disagreeing with me, as per usual, but a couple of comments caught my eye. The one calling for a new food critic elicited a rolling of the eyes by me, but the response to it was awesome. Some person (anonymous) explains, well, maybe you should read it for yourself. Here. My teacher friend, who I’ve never met or talked to, makes another appearance this week. You might remember her from the previous week’s article on Boomerang Diner.

Anywho, funny stuff. Apparently, this morning has burned away. It is somehow time for me to go to work. It is still raining. What the Hell? More soon. ~SC

I can’t leave you with such a short/crappy post, so here are the two new Drunk History episodes. You can see all the previous episodes here.

Episode 5

Episode 6

Enjoy. ~SC


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