Tap, Tap, Tap, Squawk!


September 12, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I got to sleep in today! It was 71:15am before the screaming of parakeets and the tapping of a roofer’s hammer woke me up. I considered resisting, but then my bladder urged me out of bed. The good news is that I got to eat Papa Sandwiches for breakfast. The bad news is that Pancake Land is still sleeping on White Chocolate’s couch after “celebrating” the Razorbacks “stressful” victory last night. At least she didn’t drink and drive. It is not a comforting thing to wake up alone after having a conversation the previous day with your significant other about wanting to run away to a tropical island.

Anyway, she hasn’t run away to a tropical island. She is “taking a nap” on White Chocolate’s couch whilst she waits for W.C. to wake up and take her back to the truck, which is at Little Peddler/G-Man’s house.

In the mean time, I am drinking coffee and compiling lists of things to do today, things that do not require me leaving the house, since I have no truck at the moment. It is probably for the best that I stay home anyway. Between writing my article, doing my Trig homework, sorting through the clean laundry, washing my breakfast dishes, and working on my newly drywalled office, there are plenty of things for me to procrastinate on by going to WalMart*. If only I can keep myself from “taking a break” for the rest of the day by watching Bones, I’ll be all right.

Speaking of my office, we rocked it yesterday. As in sheet rocked it. Ha ha ha. Why does no one else like my jokes? Moving on. What was, only yesterday, blank stud walls stuffed with insulation is now a room with walls and a door. Wanna see? Keep in mind it still has quite a ways to go, but here it is so far…

On second thought, the photos do not do the room justice. It just looks like some unfinished walls and a door. Just take comfort in knowing that we made great progress on my office yesterday. A big thanks goes out to Le Duke, Taco Planet, and Operation B for all of their help on my office. And another big thanks to Lord SteveDee and Bubba Fett for their work on the terribly leaky part of my roof. Whoo, construction!

Other than manual labor, my Saturday was pretty uneventful. I went to get some breakfast sandwiches from Jesus with Word to Me and had super spicy curry for dinner with Teacher Sis, Operation B, and Prop Ninja. Then I came home, had some conversation with Babbylon Tim and kicked him out so that I could sleep. Saturday. Done.

Maybe later when I go to do this week’s grocery shopping, I’ll buy myself a little charcoal grill. Ever since last weekend’s “cook everything over an open fire” experience, I’ve really been considering getting a grill. Maybe I’ll go to the haberdasher this week and buy myself a new beaver felt hat. How ’bout that?

Well, I’ve put off my chores long enough. Off to labor about the house. More soon. ~SC


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