The Math Nerds Unite To Fight The Undead Hordes.


September 18, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Yesterday was a weird day. I got a lot accomplished, but it was still a weird day. In the morning, I trimmed all of the stuff I had made the day before, then I made more stuff. The humidity is slowing the clay-drying process, but the fluctuations in the humidity make drying rather unpredictable. Anyway, after form making was wrapped up, I started organizing the glaze-a-thon. Then I went to lunch.

After gorging myself on nachos and guacamole, I returned to glazing. I have taken to rocking the iPod in the afternoons because Le Duke listens to “Talk of the Nation”, this call-in show on NPR. I deplore call-in shows. I find that the people who call in are predisposed to talking about their opinions, and usually, their opinions irritate me. They are the kinds of people who ask questions in History classes like “Do you think the slaves were unhappy?”. They were slaves. I’m sure that some of them were content, but for the most part they were like “You know what would be cool? Not being a slave.” I think that the same people who call in to these shows are the same people who take surveys in the mall.

But, I digress. So, yesterday I was rocking Ride the Lightning when I heard bits of “Talk of the Nation” sneaking through the Metal. I caught glimpses of phrases like “derivatives” and “zombie apocalypse”. This, of course, piqued my interest. Not that I am a great lover of Math, especially Calculus, by any means (ha ha ha), but using Math is something that I, as a future scientist, cannot ignore. What really caught my attention was the fact that the woman talking actually used the phrase, quoting Zombieland, “Nut up or shut up.”

This is a phrase I had never expected to hear on National Public Radio. So, I was thrown off a little bit. It was akin to hearing someone use the phrase “Cum Dumpster”. Not supposed to be said on NPR. Anyway, the long and short of it is that this woman wrote a book about applying the foreign and scary Calculus to your everyday life. Check it:

Jennifer, you are huge nerd.

If any of you are wondering, I do not actually want this book, so do not buy it for me. I am only talking about it because I think it is interesting, but not so interesting as to spend my precious reading time reading about using Math to fight zombies. If you are interested in owning it click here and knock yourself out. I, personally am saving myself and my reading time for Martha.

So last night, I got the new office painted. Operation B is on his way over this morning and from here we will head out to A to Z to get flooring. It is a very strange and satisfying sensation to look at the office and know that I actually made a room. That statement doesn’t do justice to the emotion. But when do words ever do emotions justice? I made a room. Out of sticks and mud. It’s fucking amazing. Granted, I had a lot of help. But just like John and Paul, I get by with a little help from my friends. More soon. (Hopefully from my new office.) ~SC


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