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September 1, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

So, apparently we’re officially in September. My only question is where did August go? It felt like it just flew by. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that I was traveling a good deal of the month, but still it moved quickly. I should have the September Daily Photo gallery up sometimes today. Sorry, I’m still trying to wrap my head around this whole “It’s September” thing.

So, yesterday was my first day of school. It was relatively painless. In my Zoology class I figured out that my Professor is going to lull most of my classmates to sleep by talking in circles in that soothing monotone voice of his. The fact that the class meets at 8am and there are no food or drinks, not even bottled water, allowed in the lecture hall has got me wishing I was back in my Chemistry class where the coffee flowed like wine. Seeing as how I am in a math class this semester as well, and the fact that I’m a little bit delirious, I figured I would show my work on this problem.

Monotone Voice + Talking in Circles + 8am + No Coffee = Nodding Off + Delusions of Enjoying Chemistry

After Zoology, I had a little break before Trigonometry. This break allowed me to wander around and discover that no was available to hang out. This discovery landed me back at the Math/Science building where I proceeded to read the first chapter of my Trig book. I was actually surprised at how not-dull it was. Granted, it is a math book. It is dull. It just wasn’t as terribly dull as I had expected it to be.

In celebration of my first week of school, I think I am going camping this weekend. Just me and my textbooks in a tent for the weekend. What? Just because I want to get away for the weekend, doesn’t mean that my professors are going to not quiz us over the material on Tuesday morning. This weekend is the opening of the college football season, so Little Peddler and G-Man are taking a long weekend and we are all going up to Blue Mountain. Since they are all crazy footballs fans (especially Pancake Land), I figure it will just be me and my math and science doing a little fishing this weekend. I have got to make a checklist of stuff to do before I leave on Friday.

Stuff to do before I leave on Friday

get new tent stakes

get ceiling fan for tent

eat at a restaurant for next week’s article

find house sitter

check and pack gear for camping

find and clean fishing pole

get fishing license

go to Zoology lab on Wednesday

go to classes on Thursday

work for Le Duke

I could probably drone on and on about stuff I need to do before I leave, but I was starting to reach for stuff to do, so I thought it best to quit. Anyway, I have to get ready for the double day of lab and work. Good times. Tonight: Beans and Butter Pie. More soon. ~SC


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