You Could Eat Corn Through A Damn Fence.


September 15, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

What I failed to realize on Monday morning was that Sweetbread has the exact same birthday as two of the most beloved brothers of all time, Mario and Luigi Mario. Of course, everyone except me just wishes Mario a Happy Birthday and totally ignores Luigi. Happy Birthday Luigi. Anyway, since I am getting up and around slowly today, and most of my time, so far, has been spent correcting spelling errors in this not-very-long post I will now help you waste five minutes at work.

Pretty cool, right? I thought so, too.

Is it raining? Yes. This is bullshit.

Pancake Land sent me this photo yesterday.

Does that say "Eazy Mother Fucking E" or is that my imagination?

We had just had a conversation about our love of Wheel-of-Fortune a couple of nights ago, and when she found this, she had no choice but to send it to me. I, in turn, had no choice but to show it to you. Like sand through the hour glass, these of the days of our lives, Dude. More soon. ~SC


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