October 6, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

There is a very good chance that by this afternoon, my laptop will be in Memphis. You see, what had happened was, La Duchess’s computer was busted. So, I sent it to Apple to have it repaired. Then we realized that she has to work on a bunch of stuff for upcoming events and whatnot and she will not have computer to do so. Normally I would tell her to suck it up and wait for lappie to return, but they leave to do a craft show in Memphis this morning and will not be here when the computer returns. So, I, being the excellent employee, volunteered my lappie as an alternate. Immediately after volunteering it I realized it was a terrible idea. All of my stuff is on here. My article, my Trig homework, my Daily Photos, my Smodcasts. Everything. I mean, I would be without a computer for only a day or so, but I would be without my computer for like five days. Keep in mind that as soon as her computer returns, I can use it.

The thought of La Duchess in possession of my baby, though. It’s scary. For nearly ten years I have been the one that bandaged the skinned knees of her computers. I drove them to the hospital when she put them into a coma. She is like an abusive husband who beats the crap out of his woman. The woman keeps coming back because “she loves him”. Or rather, Apple keeps fixing her up and sending her back because we buy the extended warranty. Whatever the case, I’ve seen first hand what she does to lappies. And I am potentially loaning her mine. I must really love my job.

I keep using terms like “potentially” and “possibly” because there is a chance that her lappie will be here before they leave. They always say that they want to leave before 11am, but 11am always waves as it goes by and they are still in Lippincottonia. I got an email from Apple telling me that it is on its way back to the ranch and it should be there before 11am. Keep those fingers crossed for my sake.

So, big things are happening at the City Wire. We just hired a new director of marketing and sales to help us expand our market. You can read all about it by clicking here. It is pretty exciting. I don’t what it means for my job and the possible expanding of it, but I’ll keep you posted on anything that happens.

Well, I’ve got to gather up some stuff, namely my lappie, to get ready to go to work. Since I got you all hot and bothered with the title, I’ll leave you with a little something:

I found this while Google Image Searching for “Lap Topless”

I have no idea.

Wish us luck. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    You offered Marget your laptop? Why would you do that? Thats just crazy.

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