Making Waves.


October 28, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I spent a good deal of my yesterday doing Trigonometry. From about 3pm to 930pm. Literally making waves. Wave after wave I sketched, and measured, and calculated. I did take a break to make dinner, which I ate standing over the sink, and then promptly returned to Trig. Same thing happened a few hours later when I went to take a shower. My test is today and I have no idea how I will do on it. I spent a good deal of my time solving problems in the homework that in no way related to things on the pretest. I spent hours solving problems concerning electrical currents and tsunamis, and then the pretest asks me which of the Trig functions has odd symmetry. How should I know?

Imagine you had prepared for an Algebra test by doing hours and hours of difficult equation solving and then you look at the pretest and the teacher has phrased the questions like this:

Little Johnny has two apples. He goes to the store to buy more apples. When he comes home, he puts his new apples with his old apples and counts that he has a total of five apples. How many apples did Little Johnny buy at the store?

You stare at this problem in horror. It is like the question is written in Klingon. It is so simple that you cannot understand it. You have been existing on the Mars of the math universe and now they show you a cute little baby penguin.

Head explosion.

I still have some work to do in order to be totally prepared for this test. Hopefully I can get it done during my break. After my test, K from Ars Brevis and I are going to Calvert McBride to do the printing demo. Wish me luck. Just in general.

Well, it is almost 7:30am and I have to head over to school for to do the learning. Have a video of a Sea Star as a parting gift. The music in this video is the jam.

Have a great day. More soon. ~SC


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