Set Phasers To cos(x).


October 15, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Hello. It is Friday again, thank ya’ Jeezus, and that means a few things. My new article is up on the City Wire. There is a new XKCD. And this is photo of an anus. I told you it was an anus. Well, why did you look if you didn’t want to see an anus?

Yesterday, Pancake Land sent me this brilliant Super Mario comic. I would post directly on here, but it is huge, so you’ll get a link instead. I was particularly fond of the “Super Awkward” panel.

Just a reminder, Willie Nelson tickets go on sale today at 1pm.

Last night, we dropped Leopold off over at Dave and…um… I don’t have a name for her yet… um… let’s just call her Kittie J for now… anyway, we dropped Leopold off at their house last night so that they can watch him until Taco Planet returns from War Eagle. Not that we couldn’t continue to watch him, it is just that he has worn out his welcome at my house. Let him stand inside someone else’s toilet for a few days.

As for the title of today’s post, I’ll just show you the formula we learned yesterday in Trig. That’ll be enough of an explanation.

y= A • sin(2pi/p(x-phi)) + C

(my web browser disapproves of my using the Greek alphabet, so I had to spell out the letters)

Yesterday, I, with some help from the Physical Plant crew, finished moving all of our type into the new Letterpress shop. Hooray. Unfortunately, it is a little early to start celebrating because having it moved, doesn’t mean that it is in any way organized. In fact, almost all of the cases of type are not in their cabinets, but stacked on one of the many pallets that now line the floor. But it is moved. I can organize it for the rest of the semester. That’s easy. Lugging it was the hard part. Don’t believe me? Just ask my lower back.

note to self: You are out of Post-It Notes. You should use those Staples Rewards Checks to buy some.

Okay. I was talking to Shamrock yesterday and he was telling me about all of these different bands that’s he in, or at least practicing with. You can see videos of some of the live stuff from one the bands, called Fauxnz, on Youtube. I’ll save you some trouble.

It is pretty rocking, plus the lead singers ‘stache is so nice.

Well, despite the fact that Le Duke is out of town, I still have to go to work. What’s on my list for today, you might ask? Well, I am probably going to be making glazes and packing up orders. As for tonight, just me, my baby, some steaks, some taters, and my Katamari. I love the weekends. More soon. ~SC


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