Those Were Different Times.


October 23, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Today I am having a crisis. Not an existential one, since I can recognize and except my own personal existence, but a crisis nonetheless. Do I do what I want to do or do I do what I need to do? Oh, doodoo. What I want to do is lay around eating cookies and watching Bones and playing Katamari. What I need to do is eat on assignment, a lot of Trig homework, and clean the kitchen. Being the big fence rider that I am, I am going to try to do both. Maybe I’ll do neither and just go ride go-karts instead. I have to admit go-karts are awesome. The trick to go-karts is to buy the all-day pass. Otherwise the $7, or however much it is these days, it costs to ride for 5 or 10 minutes is a total waste of money.

Oh, hold on, my phone is vibrating. Let me just take this call.

(insert hold music)

And we’re back.

So, it was K over at Ars Brevis, who is also my boss at the Letterpress shop at school, calling to ask me about the possible whereabouts of an ornamental cut of a man using a letterpress. Apparently, we are going to be doing a demonstration this coming Thursday at Calvert McBride’s 100th Anniversary. Awesome. I love doing live demonstrations of archaic machinery in front of an audience. We will doing the demo on an old iron hand press that looks something like this:

I have never used one of these before, so I don’t know how much help I will be, but it should be fun. I just emailed my editor at the City Wire, Mike Tango, to let him know about this shindig. I’m sure he already knew about it, but I wanted him to know that I’ll be helping with one of the printing demos.

Anyway, last night Pancake Land sent me this awesome video. It is actually a cell phone commercial, but that is totally unimportant. What is important is that someone actually baked tiny pies and then launched them, via a tiny trebuchet, at insects. Hrm. And arachnids. Let’s just say terrestrial arthropods.

Oh, hold on. It’s my phone again.

(insert hold music)

Okay. It was Word to Me calling about lunch plans. Apparently, this is how today is going to be. Phone buzzing all day.

Where was I? Oh yes. Critters with jointed legs being hit in the face with tiny pies. It is so brilliant that I’ve got to wear shades. Wanna see it? Okay.

Pretty sweet, right? I know. I am especially fond of the bee that turns to look at the pie as it flies by him.

Well, the more time I spend typing for you, the less time I have for Bones for me. So I’ma run. Be sure to check out yesterday’s Daily Photo from the gathering at the Furious-Mick household. It is most excellent as well. More soon. ~SC


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