Wait, Where’s My Trashcan?


October 25, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Oh, I stole it from myself. Shame on me. Don’t worry, I got it back.

I was just thinking about finding the digits of Pi. I wonder if those mathematicians who win awards for finding the next number in Pi find their answer using long division or did they build a computer to solve the problem. I kind of want to do it using long division. You know, for fun.

It is Monday and I am not awake. I went to bed late last night because I was baking cupcakes and had to wait for them to cool so that I could ice them. I thought I had a normal muffin pan (a twelver), but alas, I only have a sixer. I baked 26 cupcakes in batches of 6. It took forever. But the cupcakes turned out awesome. I was actually woken up this morning by the sound of rednecks marveling at the ritual of college graduation. Oh, and Kingston lying on the top of my head and sneezing directly on my face.

Redneck Banter + Cat Snot All Over My Face = Awesome Mood This Morning

We spent all of yesterday working on the wholesale order. Pancake Land finished it after I went to bed. At some point, I stopped working on it in order to get other work done. Like grocery shopping and cupcake baking. I bought our pumpkins, but we haven’t carved them, yet. I also did not do any Trig homework. This sucks because now I have a ton of it to do tonight. Four units worth, to be exact. Each unit has roughly 15 questions. Each question takes roughly 4 to 10 minutes to solve. That may not seem so bad, but please consider that after about 12-18 minutes of doing Trig homework I develop a splitting headache.

Sucks. I am sleepy. I need something to wake me up. Ah, I have just the thing.

I’ve got to roll up to work now. Word to your Daddy, and you Granny, and your Mother. More soon. ~SC


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