You’ve Turned My Boy Into a Stoner.


October 1, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Well, September is gone and October is here. That can mean only one thing. You guessed it. It’s Furious Jessy’s birthday. So, Happy Birthday Jess! Be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday today or else you might get punched in the face. Not for nothing, but she is called Furious Jessy.

Also, the September Daily Photos page is a wrap and I should have October page up sometime later today.

As you probably noticed, it is Friday and I haven’t said anything about my new article for the City Wire. It’s because I was fired. Just kidding. In all actuality, my editor got swamped yesterday and hasn’t had time to put it on the site. I’ll let you know when it is up and then you can read it.

Sometimes, Pancake Land likes to put Catnip on this mouse-chasey-ring-thing cat toy. After the catnip comes out, Eazy spends the next few hours writhing around and swatting at the little fake mouse in the toy. He is so stoned. After the hours-long writhing swat fest, he immediately hits the food bowl. Damned munchies will get you every time. I just find it amazing that simply the smell of a dried plant can elicit such a response. If only I could just smell Rosemary or Thyme and be completely euphoric. I can tell you one thing, my greenhouse, when I finally go and get it, would be filled with that plant. Speaking of which, maybe I’ll grow some Catnip for the kitties. That’s a good idea. I like that.

So, last night Dave sent me something interesting. Apparently, Ben Folds and Nick Hornby got together and made and album. Hornby wrote the lyrics and Folds set them to music. I’ve heard little snippets on iTunes and it sounds pretty interesting. You can read more about it here. Let me know if any of you get it, because I am interested in hearing it.

Do you realize that I have 3 jobs? It just dawned on me yesterday what I am trying to juggle right now. It will be much more apparent when I spend my whole Saturday glazing pots. As for tonight though, well, it’s Taco Night. And I am going to work on getting the damned garage cleaned out and organized. Once I get that done, I can finally put a set of stairs in that lead to the garage. This whole climbing up and down to my office is getting pretty old. That’s why Jesus invented stairs. To make my life easier. Anyway, after all of that drivel about work sank into my head, I realized that rest time is over and it’s back to work for me. Happy October! More soon. ~SC


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