Don’t Make Me Pull This Bed Over.


November 9, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

This morning, around 3am, Nami decided that she was going to start barking. And not stop. I don’t know if it was the barking or if it was the tossing and turning it caused Pancake Land to do, but I woke up. I was just about to get up when I noticed Pancake Land was already on her way to “handle it”. By handle, she meant broom handle. I don’t know what she did but it worked. Well, until she got back in bed. Then Nami started barking again. So, this time, I got up. I had just got my pants on when she stopped barking. She could feel my anger and she was afraid.

Neeedless to say, and what a surprise it is, I couldn’t go back to sleep. I was lying there thinking about getting up and just starting my day when, around 5 am, I fell back to sleep. Luckily, I didn’t sleep through the alarm.

Once again this post is being typed in Microsoft Word and will be uploaded later today whenever the servers are not, and I quote Taco Planet here, “Under attack by the Chinese”. This has been happening a little too frequently for my comfort. There’s no much I can do though. Especially since the entire nation of China has putting a full-court press on beating the crap out of our server. Speaking of which, I have no idea where this “server” is. Sometimes Taco Planet talks about it like it is in the basement at Lippincottonia and sometimes it is, conveniently, in Texas. Man, those Chinese, are some sneaky dudes.

Today is a school day. But it is a very special school day. Today is the first day this semester that I am taking my Thermos with me. It finally got cold enough for me to take my Thermos, filled with delicious coffee, with me to school. Hopefully, I’ll be able to sit down between Zoology and Trig and read the last thirty pages of Cloud Atlas and drink some coffee. This afternoon, in the Letterpress shop, I will continue my scrubbing of the presses and I’ll start the galleys soaking in their anti-rust bath, that will conclude on Thursday.

I have to give mad props to Dave for coming through for me (and White Chocolate) with the new Cee-lo Green album. I’ll be rocking and the new Ben Folds/Nick Hornby album this afternoon.

Well, the time has come to say adieu. More soon. ~SC


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