Grating On My Nerves.


November 10, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Guess who is typing in Word again? Me. Maybe the “Chinese” are waging a daily assault on our server at 7am (our time). What ever it is, it’s stupid. I’ll just keep typing here and post it later when the server comes back up. Oh wait, Firefox might have been able to pull the login screen. It did, okay. I’m gonna log in. It worked. Apparently the siege only lasts 22 minutes.

Okay, so we’re back in WordPress. Remind me to copy and paste a copy of this entire of this post into Word before I try to publish it, so as to not lose it.

Today, I took the day off. Partly because I needed a day off, and partly because I’ve got other stuff to do today. I am going to take this morning as a chance to get caught up on all of the little things that I’ve been putting off, like folding the mountain of laundry. The deal is: Pancake Land washes it, and I fold it. She washed it, and we’ve been just picking clothes off of the pile in order to have stuff to wear. What can I say? I’m a busy man. After folding all of the clothes, I might clean up in the kitchen a little bit. That is, if I have time before my dentist appointment. Otherwise, I’ll do that when I get back home from my teeth scraping event. I also need to work on Trig homework. Maybe finish Cloud Atlas. After that, I’ve got Zoology lab. We’re doing the frog dissection today. Goody. After that, I’ll figure it out when I get there.

For the record, Jackie Chan couldn’t save the new (not)Karate Kid movie. It was relatively identical to the original but with a worse acting job done by the main character. Oh, and not one single moment of Karate. Don’t forget that. Stupid.

After my complaint about not having any good stuff to pass on to you readers, Pancake Land sent me two links of weird stuff. They both are bizarre and so I have to share them. The first is a recipe for a “late-night snack” by Rachel Ray. It consists of microwaving bacon. That’s it. I have no idea how she has a cooking show and I don’t. I mean, really? Bacon?! Here, see for yourself. The best part is that according to her it makes 4 servings. 8 pieces of bacon doesn’t translate to 4 servings in my house.

The other brilliant thing Pancake Land sent me is (You’re not ready.) this:

I told you that you weren’t ready. On a slightly less weird note, Taco Planet sent me an article about someone making a giant Tom Waits record in London. You can read the article here if you want, but here’s the photo:

That’s a pretty big record all right. Anyways, I’ve got to poop. So, yeah. More soon. ~SC


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