He’s What? The Kwisatz Haderach? What the Hell is That?


November 1, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Okay. Monday. First thing, a great big Happy Birthday to Nina Big Pants today. Be sure to find her and wish a wish day as well. Also, Happy All Saints day to me. In another world, I’m a Saint. Be sure to have your shovels ready for tomorrow, because we’re going to play Wake the Dead.

I spent a good deal of yesterday in the bed. Not sleeping or getting it on, but typing mainly. I was there as a comfort to Pancake Land who requested my presence there and then became very concerned when I left the bed to say, go to the bathroom. Very concerned. So, to keep her from being concerned, I stayed in bed most of the day. Until she got out of the bed, then the party moved to the couch.

While trapped, I mean hanging out, in the bedroom I had my lappy there to a) allow me to get some work done and b) serve as our all-in-one reference for proving our evidence either correct or incorrect in our day long debate over nothing. Anyway, somehow, I ended up with this photo saved on my computer.

Don’t ask how we found it, but just know that we did.

At some point I talked my way into the kitchen, the promise of tacos probably worked, and P.L. took to watching horror movies on NetFlix since it was Halloween and all. (I had 19 Trick-or-Treaters!) At some point after Fright Night she got bored of watching cheesy horror flicks and switched to awesome 80s Sci-Fi movies. Let me set this scene up for you. I am standing in the kitchen talking on the phone to Babbylon Tim. Pancake Land is on the couch gripping the remote like there’s no tomorrow. She says to me, and I kid you not:

“Babe, should I watch Dune or Krull?”

I quickly got off of the phone. After explaining to me that she had never seen either of them, I informed her that she had to watch both. My shock and amazement was renewed when she did not recognize Sting or my reference to Roxanne (the song not the movie). My head almost exploded. Then she watched Dune and her head almost exploded. She had made it through Dune and had just started Krull by the time I went to bed. I told her that they were not great movies, but they both are a fountain of pop culture references. I am anxious to see what she thought of Krull. This whole 80s Sci-Fi thing came from her watching the original Clash of the Titans the other night and loving it. I’ve been trying to get her to watch it for years.

I could go on a whole rant about watching key 80s movies for the first time now and them not meaning anything because you did not watch them as a child in the actual 80s, i.e. Star Wars, but I will refrain because I have to figure out why the innernet is not letting me register for Spring classes. Bastards. It keeps saying something about test scores. I’ve got faces to go punch. More soon. ~SC


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