Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Get Back On the Innernet.


November 18, 2010 by sandwichcontrol


I would like to Welcome all of you back to Sandwich Control. In celebration of us being back, I’ve decided to have Word to Me’s and Jackie the Mick’s birthdays today. Isn’t that sweet of me? Okay, so we are back officially. Even if it is shaky at times. In the process of actually building this post, I have saved often. Just like Nintendo. Anyway, I am going to be brief for fear of not having this stuff saved and losing it all again.

My new article is up on the City Wire. You can read it by clicking here: hoors.

Okay, so maybe you noticed that we have lost a few things in the re-build. I’m working on that. I think the Galleries are all fine, but everything posted between November 9th and the 14th has vanished and is probably not coming back. Great. Anyway, Ima check on the rebuilt 2009 Daily Photos page and see what we lost there. Everything. Awesome. Looks like I have work to do. Have a great day. More soon. ~SC


Okay. If you are reading this, then that means we are back from one step beyond. It turns out that the job of rebuilding the site passed from the hands of Taco Planet to the able hands of some faceless (I’m sure they actually have a face) system admin working for the hosting service that we employ. Anyway, that guy has successfully rebuilt my wonderful, and huge, website so that you, my faithful readers, can now once again bask in my ridiculous narcissism. As of 8:30pm last night, the site has been working. Granted at 9:00pm it was down again. I don’t know what that is about.

If you hadn’t noticed, the post is arranged a little stranger than normal. This is because I have been posting my daily thoughts into Word documents and here is where I am pasting them all back together as one big mega-post that sums up what has been happening all week. Sort of my diary written while in WordPress exile.

To sum up the events of yesterday, I aced my Zoology test and dissected a fetal pig. I also made a crapload of X-mas tree platters for Le Duke. Somehow Pancake Land talked me into picking up her Grismas Tree from Little Peddler’s shed and we bought $70 worth of shiny decorations for said tree. It is currently in the garage awaiting assembly. Despite my logic that Grismas Trees are not to be put up before Thanksgiving, P.L. won the day and I now have to build this thing. Women and their powers over men. Gotta love ‘em. Anyway.

Last night rocked hard in that feeling really great because a bunch of Grismas presnents have already arrived, so therefore I am ahead in shopping, kind of way. Also, the chicken strip dinner with honey mustard didn’t hurt my feelings either.

Anyways, I’ve got to run to school now. Enjoy catching up with my ramblings for the past few days.

What is that? Is that a deer? More soon. ~SC


Guess what. The website is still not working. Apparently, Taco Planet has to actually go in and fix something. Otherwise it is going to continue to show you that really cool Lithium Hosting page. You know, this one:

Anyway, with the website being down, I’m finding it very hard to do the normal stuff I do everyday. Like get out of bed. Err… I mean…uh…take my…uh…Daily Pho…to. Typing these posts, which no one is reading, is depressing. And I’m being forced to do it in Microsoft Word. Wait, do I have the iWork suite? If I do, then I can use Pages instead of Word. Let me check, hold on a sec.

Nope. I don’t have it. That’s even more depressing.

Hey, cheer up Mister!

Wait, who’s there?

It’s me, your inner monologue. I’ve come to cheer you up.

Great, now I’m depressed and hearing voices.

Slap yourself in the face.

(insert sound of slap)

Owwww! What the shit , man? How did you do that?

It is not important how I did that. What is important, is that you think of the good things in your life.

What good things?

Slap yourself again.

(insert sound of slapping)

Owww! All right. All right. Jeezus. I get the point. Think of good stuff. All right, good stuff. Um, I finished my Trig homework last night.


I got the last disc of Bones Season 5.

Very good. See, don’t you feel better having thought of some good things?

Not really.

Slap yourse…

All right! All right! I feel better for chrissakes. Just stop with the slapping.

Good. Now go watch some trailers and be a good boy. I’ve got to go talk to a man about a goat.

Um, hello? Are you there? That was weird. Okay, well, I guess I am going to go watch some trailers before heading to work. This afternoon I am dissecting a wittle-bitty baby pig. And then probably back to work. Anyway, gotta run before I start slapping myself again. More soon. ~SC


Okay, so anyone who has visited the site in the past 24 hours probably knows that we got hacked, yo. Technically, our serve got hacked. All of the site’s are fine. It turns out that Furious Jessy’s, Dave’s, and Taco Planet’s sites had all been transferred to the new, much more secure server on a nuclear submarine not hidden in a lake or captained by Sir Sean Connery.

My site, as well as Little Peddler’s and Le Duke’s appeared to be hacked by a Saudi Arabian singer desperate to have his demo tape listened to. Apparently he got his 90’s movies confused and thought the plot of Hackers was that of Airheads. Well, that’s great for him, or guess it could be a her, but I think that they referred to themselves as Mister at some point. I took screen shots throughout the day to document the various stages of the site down and it successful rise from the ashes (hopefully). Here’s what it said from about 9am until about 6pm yesterday:

The good news is that Le Duke and Little Peddler have had their sites transferred over already, so they are up and running. Me on the other hand, well, my site is huge. So, it is going to take it a bit longer to recover from the crash. Taco Planet has assured me that it’ll be back up today. I have hope. When I visited it recently, it looked like this:

Progress! Anyway, this is exciting and all, but I have real life crap going on as well. This week is going to be very intense. Today I have a Zoology test. Tomorrow I have to dissect a fetal pig as the final assignment in my Zoology lab. Thursday I have a Trig test (which means I have a bunch of homework left to do). Not to mention trying to get orders out for Le Duke, cleaning the Letterpress shop in order to have an Open House in less than a month, and touching up my article. Maybe the last disc of Bones Season 5 will show up today and all my trouble will melt away. I’m not worried. I’ll jump off of those bridges as I come them. I guess I’d better get started jumping, though. So, yeah. More soon. (hopefully not from Microsoft Word) ~SC


We were doing so well, weren’t we? I mean, I hadn’t actually been blocked from the site in days, even though Furious Jessy “nanna-nanna-boo-boo”-ed me yesterday because my site was down and her’s wasn’t, it was back up before I could get to it. Then, off course, instant Karma came a-poking its ugly head and took her site down. Whatever it is, it is stupid. Now I understand that you reading this means that you have no idea what I’m talking about because the site has to be working for you to read this, so I took a screen shot to prove that I’m not losing it. Of course, if I upload this image and it is an image of a totally function website, I will have completely lost my shit, so respond accordingly.

You, swat at imaginary elves.

You, bring me that tea cozy.

And You, barricade the door. They’re coming.

The interesting thing about my site being down is that no one else’s site is down. Usually when this happens, it all of us at once. The whole server will crash. Now it is each site individually being down while they others are still up. They’re trying to divide us up so that They can conquer us with less effort.

I have been periodically, as I am typing this, been checking to see if I am back up.

Q: You know what happens when you get an “Error 404: Not Found” and the server tries to inform the webmaster, of said site, of this error and can’t reach him?

A: “Error 500”

After this frustrating business, before I’ve finished my coffee, I need a good laugh. Don’t you? Okay then. Sandwich Control proudly presents, a video that you cannot help but laugh at, The Ladder Goat!

Well, that’s it for today’s show. I’ve got real work to do now. Happy Monday, everybody. More soon. ~SC


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