Sushi, and Staples, and Books. Oh, My.


November 7, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Let us begin with the solution to yesterday’s Math puzzle. It helps if you actually start drawing on it. Not on your screen of course, but if you saved the image and then printed it out. You should email me your solutions if you even took the time to do my stupid puzzle. Anyway, here’s my solution:

Pretty easy, no? The solution is so clear now that you can see it. The point of the exercise, at least in my Trig class, was to illustrate how difficult the problems look until you start working them and then they sort of unfold and become much easier. So sayeth my professor, anyway.

Yesterday was a weird day. Not in a bad way, but still weird. After work, I dropped Pancake Land off over at Little Peddler’s for to watch the feetball games and Operation B and I returned to Holliday Island to watch the remaining two episodes of Season 5, Disc 4 of Bones. That last episode was rough. After about 15 minutes of my sighing and grumbling about how that last episode was rough, Operation B had to head home to spend some “family time” and I was left to my own devices. Luckily, Teacher Sis was as bored as I was. Her people are out in the woods being Great White Hunters and Prop Ninja went to do God-knows-what with Operation B’s little sis.

So, Teacher Sis and I decided that we needed to go eat something and opted for a place that met the following criteria:

a) We could sit and eat and someone would bring us our food and drink. No self-service buffets for us.

b) We would not be out of place since we had to decided to play dress-up.

c) The restaurant had to be a place that we enjoyed and could not go with our respective families.

The answer was quite simple, even though we circumnavigated it for a while: Sushi.

While awaiting our delicious raw fish, we watched “Jeff” prepare a dish called “The Party Boat”. It was serious. Part of the dish, the actual Sushi part, was served on an actual wooden boat. The rest of the dish, mainly the Sashimi, was served on a fancy ceramic plate. There was probably enough Sushi to feed 4 to 6 people, easily. The price of the thing was like $40, but for that amount of food (roughly 24 pices of Sushi and three Sashimi rolls), it was a steal. Wanna see it? Okay:

Peep that mountain of wasabi. After seeing this sail off to someone else’s table, we starting planning on a return visit to eat that bad boy. Our guest list is still in the works, but you’ll know soon enough if you are on it. After Sushi, we headed over to Der Staples so that I could pick up yet another mechanical pencil because I keep breaking the arms off of mine. Then to Books-a-Million to not buy anything, but talk about buying books once we get caught up on reading the thousands of books on our bookcases. It was a good night. Eating raw fish, shopping for office supplies, and drooling over the books that I’ll one day get to own. Not many better ways to spend a Saturday night.

Last night, we did the Time Warp again and I am all messed up this morning. It feels so late, but it’s not. I guess that’s good because I was a total lazy-ass and didn’t want to get out of bed. It was so warm under the covers and so cold in the house, who could blame me?

The agenda for today is the normal Sunday stuff. Write my article for this week, go grocery shopping, take a shower, do some laundry, the usual. I am trying desperately to finish reading Cloud Atlas, which Dave gave me for Grismas last year. My goal is to have it finish before this Grismas. Unfortunately, there is no way to finish all of the books that people gave me last year, so I am going to count one of them as a victory. The other books are going to have to wait.

Pancake Land are talking about taking a vacation to the ocean sometime soon. The plan is to find an all-inclusive hotel on the beach so that we don’t have to go and do anything. That’s the point of the vacation, to do nothing. If we wanted to do stuff, we’d stay home where there’s a crapload of stuff to do. This ocean business works out for both of us, despite my healthy aversion to the aquatic environment. She gets to splash about and breathe in the salty sea air and I get to sit under an umbrella and read for a week straight, hopefully with a coconut shell with a tiny umbrella in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Linen outfits here I come. Maybe I’ll shave my beard off and just rock the moustache. Sport some short shorts and a super tight Hawaiian shirt and a Detroit Tigers cap. I like this plan.

Well, I’m tired of typing. Unfortunately, I have to type an article now. Until tomorrow, shuddup. More soon. ~SC


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