Cassoulet, Ole’, Ole’, Ole’, O-le’.


December 11, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I woke up this morning with “Eternal Flame” in my head. Perhaps, this is foreshadowing for the craziness that is about to happen today. Yesterday, La Duchess and I built our cassoulet. It is what Anthony Bourdain would call “food porn”. It is sexy as Hell. You know a recipe is going to be good when the recipes has a “Tips” section that says the you cannot use too many confit meats and that you should drizzle duck fat over the top of the dish.

So, tonight is the cassoulet feast. To the best of my knowledge, Andi the Numbers ans Squeaker are in town. They are probably waking up right about now. Hopefully they have some horrible 80s song stuck in their heads as well. We should have a pretty good mix of guests for this shindig. Le Duke and La Duchess, of course, will be there. Andi the Numbers ans Squeaker, Taco Planet, me, maybe Pancake Land, Dave and Little Miss Cotton, the Don and his boss the Genie, K from Ars Brevis, and our loving Dean of Arts and Science Hank with his wife (who I do not know well enough to give her a nickname). If anyone is butt-hurt because they were not invited, suck it up Nancy. I only know a thousand people and I got to invite 3. I invited certain people to further my own personal political agendas. As a consolation prize to those of you not invited, here is a video:

It’s not “Eternal Flame”, but it’ll do.

I thought that I had resolved the flickering lights issue from yesterday, you know when the power company replaced that charred piece of wiring at the pole, but last night it started flickering again. Dammit. Looks like I get to hang out while guy comes to fix it again. But, not before I take Dave and Little Miss Cotton to the vet to have Shady Lane checked out. Apparently she is sick. This is all I know about the situation. I guess I should go get dressed if I am going anywhere. I was going to leave it at that, but I still feel a little guilt over not inviting everyone I’ve ever met to this feast, so I’ll give you one more juicy bit before I go get dressed. Now is time for cake!

More soon. ~SC


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