Double Bullets, They Shoot.


December 31, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Happy New Year’s eve everybody! I’ve got an hour before I head over to Johnny Fox’s to get my hair did for this evening’s 10th Annual Playaz Ball. Moustache? Moustache.

My article is up on the City Wire. You can read it by clicking here: Twang!

Last night we had a sort of impromptu S.A.N.D. meeting at the SandCastle (Nicky the Cook’s house). It was a quick planned event to try and see the Old School (literally) crew while they were still in town. We kept the menu pretty relaxed due to the time constraints and it worked out beautifully. I was itching for an excuse to break in my new KitchenAid mixer, so I baked what I call “Chronically Indecisive Cookies”. They are a little bit peanut butter cookie, a little bit chocolate chip cookie, and a little bit mixed nut cookie, all rolled into one.

It has become a tradition, recently, to eat a whole bunch while we are cooking. I blame the Heat. She brought a block of Havarti last time and this time I brought a really nice jalapeno Havarti and some Capicola. The Heat brought a wheel of baked Brie with pesto (en croute). Check it:

In addition to that deliciousness, Data K made a stellar spinach and Parmesan dip to further ruin our dinners.

By the time dinner rolled around we were full. Did that stop us from eating? Of course not. Not when the menu was red potato soup (Nicky the Cook):

And grilled cheese sandwiches (D-Man):

Shamrock and Agent O brought deliciously chocolate-y desserts as well, but I somehow managed to not get a decent photo of them. (Always check your photos.)

At some point, the night devolved to this:

Yes, a bunch of out of shape almost 30 year-olds ran around chasing Princess Kay with the Nerf guns that Santa brought her for Grismas. The Vader helmet came into play later when we were exhausted from the feast and the subsequent running around and shooting and we just decided to take turns wearing the helmet while the others tried to get Nerf darts to stick to it. The Heat won with a grand total of 31 darts.

I have to say that is was definitely a grown up-little kid night. Grilled cheese and Nerf guns. Good times. I also have to say that shooting a Nerf gun repeatedly at someone’s head is amazingly cathartic. Just so you know. I did get a photo that I feel summed up the evening pretty well.

Yep. That sums it up. Well, I’ve got to get this Afro-show on the road. For, tonight… we Disco. More soon. ~SC


  1. FlameOn says:

    Yes, everyone has opinions. And they all smell like rat ass. You must have graduated from the Kobra Kai Institute of Pretentious Bullshit.

    Oh wait, your into the modern art seen. But not remembered kind of scene.

    Why don’t you talk about leaves, frogs, and your major in college.

    Shut up about food.

  2. You’re funny. I like you.

  3. Dave says:

    Everyone has opinions. Its funny ’cause its true.

  4. FlameOn says:

    I take that back.

    It seems you may have graduated from the Bean Dip and Ramen Noodle Institute for the Hopelessly Challenged Outcasts.

    How funny.

  5. Well played, Yervan. Well played.

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