Drawing a Blank.


December 21, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Oh my God! Why is Grismas taking so long to get here? These will probably be some of the longest days of my friggin’ life. Until next year anyway. So, it is officially Winter. That means, as of today, the days are getting longer. Whoo! And to top off the Winter solstice, we also got a total lunar eclipse last night. Getting a total lunar eclipse only happens once every 84 years or something like that.

Welcome home Jesus!

So today I am pulling a double. This morning I am at the pottery studio and this afternoon I am at the letterpress shop. Good times. I would gladly do this everyday if it meant that this weekend got here faster. I have no idea what I am going to be doing at either job, or else I would telling you about it right now.

I bet your thinking that I am so ready for this weekend to here because I want presnents. Hey, what do I look like? A child? No. For your information, I am like the long lost brother of presnents. They just search until they find me. I am ready for this weekend to be over so that I can go to WalMart* in peace. I am tired of the shambling hoards milling about in the aisles of my neighborhood evil corporate shopping extravaganza. It is just one big dick jamming session every time I go there lately. There are just thousands of toothless bumpkins with shopping carts brimming with flat-screen televisions and Power Wheels that look like military Humvees, cutting me off at every turn. This is precisely why They do not sell hand grenades to people like me.

I’m going to work now. Otherwise, I’m going to end up sitting here drawing the unit circle with Trig functions in Paintbrush. More soon. ~SC


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