Give Me a Break.


December 16, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

And I’m not talking about a KitKat kind of break. I am tired and cold and just plain old worn out. As Modest Mouse once said, the good times are killing me. School and work cubed, holiday shindigs, and folding the enormous quantities of laundry we go through in a week, it can wear you down. You know what I need? A vacation.

Hold on a second…

(bleep bloop bleep bloop)

Okay, done. Pancake Land and I are going on vacation. We’re going here:

And we’ll be there very soon. Next month, in fact. We’ll end up missing White Chocolate’s birthday, which sucks, but the beach will make up for it, a thousand fold. Wanna know what I am going to be doing for a week, on the beach? Nothing. I am just going to lay in a hammock and read until I fall asleep, wake up, read some more until I fall asleep, wake up, eat some thing, and then take a nap from overexerting myself during the eating process. My suitcase is going to be filled with books and linen pants. It’s so dreamy.

That’s right suckers, Cancun. Me and my special lady. No, we’re not getting married, so don’t even ask. If we do, we’re not going to tell you. It will be a shock going from our current weather, gray and cold, to bright, sunny, and 26°C. Here is a little something for you to listen to, while you stew in your jealous rage.

I have to go to work now, because I wasted the past hour looking for a decent video version of “Vacation” by the Go-Gos and totally failed. More soon. ~SC


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