I Made You This Cake.


December 13, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

So, if you haven’t read yesterday’s post, do so. You will probably noticed my elegant and sophisticated writing style. That is what a night of gorging on fatty duck parts and beans will do to you. It will make you mildly mentally retarded for, as of right now, at least 36 hours. You’ve been warned.

So, after recovering a few more of my faculties yesterday, I decided I was hungry. I figured that we needed to eat something relatively light after our stupendously heavy meal the night before so, what to have? It boiled down to either biscuits and gravy or Frito chili pie. I ended up going for the Frito chili pies because Pancake Land isn’t as big of a fan of B&G as I am. She’ll eat them in a (drunken) pinch, but last night was not looking like one of those pinchy moments. So, Frito pie all around. They hit the spot in a big bad way.

I’m still not running on all 8 cylinders this morning. I did do a little research regarding something my Trig professor had told me about the origin of the names of the X and Y axes of the Cartesian plane. He had told me that it was letterpress printers, not mathematicians, who had named the two axes X and Y because of the abundance of the two letters in the type cabinet. In both English and French(the native language of Descartes, the inventor of the Cartesian plane), the letters X and Y are not used a whole helluva lot. So, why not? K and I had decided that even if it wasn’t true, it made for a good story. Well, I looked it up on the wholly not reliable source called the Innernet and the only thing that I could find was this: (If you click on this, you are a huge nerd). It is not exactly definitive proof, but I’ll take it. Think you can find more? Well, step right up. I’ll even throw you a bone. Here’s a tip, don’t include the word “origin” in your search. In the context of X and Y, with regards to the Cartesian plane, the origin is point (0,0). You’ll wind up with a bunch of stuff about line segments and rays and whatnot. Best of luck to you. Let me know what you find out.

K sent me a video that, if you’ve ever worked in the art world, you’ll appreciate. Especially, you printers out there.

While I was going to get the link for the video, I saw that Prop Ninja had sent me a video as well. It came out of nowhere, so I can only assume that it is my destiny and that I am supposed to share it with everyone. So, here:

He kind of looks like Mario. Hmm…

Well, I am going to go proof this post about thirty times and try to compensate for my brain damage. Wish me luck. More soon. ~SC

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