I Was Torn Between Cocaine and Hitler.


December 23, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Pancake Land sent me that last night. I thought it would be a good thing to lead with.

So, less than 48 until the big haul and already the presnents are a-rollin’ in. So far, I’ve received a terribly sexist t-shirt, a book that breaks down Origin of Species into layman’s terms, some silicone cookware, the Spoontula and a few other assorted smaller spatulas (I still don’t have enough spatulas), and a nice print of a vide-grenier (by La Duchess). The prize thus far goes to Don Chulius, who got me the portrait of Darwin that I’ve been wanting. This one:

Except, reversed. Old Chuck D is facing the other way in the one I have. One day I’ll look like that. His beard is so great.

So, now you know what the competition has been doing, you’ve still got 24 hours left to beat them by, say, building me a secret laboratory under my house. Maybe giving me the mutant power of flight, regeneration, or teleportation. Apparently, spell check doesn’t believe in teleportation. It’s a real thing Mr. Spell Check. Nightcrawler does it all the time.

Today, to bide my time until presnents, I’ll be pulling a double. This morning at the pottery studio and this afternoon at the letterpress shop. I’m still sore from Tuesday. K has me moving the type cabinets and presses around to make the flow of the shop easier to move in while we are printing. I’ve got half of the type, the two big presses, the marble-top composing table, and some of the smaller stuff moved already. I’ve just got to move the rest of the type and some more small stuff. Pray that we don’t have to do this again.

Blame Operation B for this:

Well, I’m going to go busy myself until I’m exhausted. It’ll be the only way I get to sleep tonight. More soon. ~SC


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