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December 12, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I have to say that the Cassoulet Feast was a great success. We stuffed everybody like we were going to harvest their livers for Foie Gras. You could see the happiness in the glazed look in everyone’s eyes. There was the cassoulet, of course, and pomme ala Jean (potatoes fried in goose fat according to a recipe from the most wonderful nuclear physicist we know), a green salad with Le Duke’s special vinaigrette, bread and butter, a fruit salad (soaked in brown sugar, sparkling wine, and rum) served with the best sugar cookies ever, and an apple & peach bread pudding with whiskey sauce. Add to that the many bottles of wine and champagne that we emptied, with a finisher course of coffee or cognac (or other assorted liqueurs), it spelled doom for most of the guests. Good times.

I am getting a late start this morning (surprise, surprise). I would probably have gotten up much earlier, but Pancake Land woke me up around 5am complaining of something in your eye. She wanted me to see if could find it. I blame the champagne that she drink for this. Being woken up from a duck fat induced coma and trying to get my eyes to focus well enough to find something tiny enough to fit in someone’s eye hole took a little time. I didn’t find anything. And it took me a little while to get back to sleep. Once I got back to sleep, it wasn’t that once glorious deep sleep that I had found, but that kind of shallow sleep where every time you wake up you can’t tell if you are dreaming or awake. Birds squawking, sirens from passing emergency vehicles, the sound of cats playing in the Grismas tree, all of it woke me up. At some point, needing to pee forced me back into the world of the living and I got up. Eggs for breakfast? But of course.

Today is a lazy day. There’s no getting around it. I’ve got to work on an article and do a little bit of house work, but other than that, it is NetFlix instant queue or bust. Speaking of which, it is calling my name. If you want to learn how to make your own cassoulet, so that you can impress/stuff your friends ’til they burst, then watch this:

Good luck with that. More soon. ~SC


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