Pancake Land Goes Fist-to-Cuffs.


December 8, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Good morning. Despite the fact that I got to bed pretty late last night, I’m up and functioning pretty well this morning. Maybe because it is so cold. So, remember that thing about my office being cold? Good. Now apply that to the whole house and then double it for my office. For some reason the heater is not heating. I’ve sent communications to my landpeoples, but it is early, so nothing yet. Pancake Land and I worked out a system for keeping Jenny out of my office and then subsequently keeping it warm, but the plan hinges on her coming to bed, which she sometimes forgets to do until I get up. So, the plan needs a little fine-tuning. I can deal with that. Plus, typing in P.L.’s gloves really isn’t that bad. I can’t use the scroll feature of my magic mouse, but typing is okay.

Oh, hey, we went to see Willie Nelson last night. This is part where you would expect me to tell you about how everything was awesome and that I came in my pants the show rocked so hard. But, in fact, everything except the Secret Sisters and Willie and the Family, sucked ass. Pancake Land described it best when she said it was like going to see a movie that won best picture at the Oscars and then there is someone sitting behind you talking on a cell phone the whole time. The complaints are numerous, but given time and temperature restraints, I’ll only share the big ones.

1) The Convention Center left a big friggin’ aisle in front of the stage, so when Willie and the Family came on stage, the people in the nosebleed section bum-rushed the stage to pose for photos of them in front of “insert any famous person here” for their stupid Facebook pages. I don’t mind the crowd pressed up against a barrier reaching out for their hero if the section is general admission and the people give a shit about the musician. But these people didn’t care about Willie’s music. They came to get a photo of the pot-smoking creature of myth and his beat up old guitar. It was depressing. I probably could have stomached it if it had happened at the beginning and then the people went back to their seats and let me enjoy the show. But, no. They did it throughout the entire show. Every Jim-Bob in the tri-state area had to come up to the front and pose in front of Willie so that Bobby-Sue could snap a pic on her Cricket phone.

You know what Willie calls these people? Assholes.

2) The group of Chatty Cathys behind us who were bored to tears and yapping the whole show. Plus, the chick next to us who spent the entire concert texting. At the beginning of the show Pancake Land told me that if anyone’s phone rang during the concert, that she was going fist-to-cuffs with them. It took all she had not to beat the shit out of this texting chick.

I could go on, but I won’t. Just let my Math tell the story and then enjoy the incredibly illegal video I shot and posted on Youtube.

Stupid People + Poor Organizational Skills(on the behalf of C.C.) = No Encore

These gals opened for the Family and they rocked it very old-school. They are called the Secret Sisters and this is them doing House of Gold by Hank Sr.

And of course, Willie and the Family.

If you were wondering why I took so much video, it is because I didn’t want to be the asshole in the second row blinding Willie with his flash. So, I shot video. I’ve got to run. Hey, I’m done with classes. Isn’t it cool? I’ve got work this morning in Lippincottonia and then Letterpress clean up this afternoon. Have a great day. Stop all the downloading. More soon. ~SC


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