Poetry In Stillness.


December 26, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

I woke up in a poetry sort of mindscape this morning. I blame This American Life. Anyways, here’s some B.H. Fairchild, that Andi the Numbers sent me, for you to start your day.

I was pretty wiped out yesterday. And not in that “big red balls” kind of way. I was going to take a nap, but every time I thought about it, I was reminded of something I needed to do first. One more thing before I take a nap. This lasted until I no longer had the strength to get off of the couch and then sat for two and a half hours watching Pancake Land play Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. That game is irritating. They don’t really tell what to do. You just climb around on stuff until one of the other characters in the game makes a snarky comment about your manhood or bad guys try to kill you. Plus, no Triforce. Lame.

I did try out Katamari Forever last night. It isn’t quite as good as the original, but, it is still fun. As it turns out, this version is a tribute to the original.

This is not the greatest game in the world. This is just a Tribute.

Anyways, other than blankly staring at the television, scavenging for food in the deep of the freezer, and opening the boxes of my presnents, I did dick all yesterday. There was some pressure on Friday night to try and trick me into having people over today, to “help me” use my new KitchenAid mixer and barbecue grill, but I don’t have any clean socks, so no one’s allowed over today. Sorry.

I need to go grocery shopping. Ugh. The throngs of recovering holiday-ers at the WalMarts*. Kill me. Oh, got side tracked putting a dangly bit on my new USB drive. It’s like a stick of gum that holds slightly less information than Johnny Mnemonic’s brain, but fits in my pocket and never says “Whoa.”

Youtube is a scary place. Somehow I got from the Johnny Mnemonic trailer to an underage Australian(?) girl’s Japan-o-phile page where she dances and talks about shopping a lot. I can’t handle that this morning.

Oh, I almost forgot. Yesterday we had another one of those flickering lights/smell of burning plastic days. We discovered a terrifyingly-close-to-burning-the-house-down power strip and quickly got rid of it. The lights were still flickering. I called the power company. Yes, that’s right, my having a reliable innernet connection is more important than my local power company’s service worker’s Christmas with his family. In all reality, he was already working and had been all day. He seemed happy about it. Maybe his in-laws are a nightmare.

“Sorry, I’d love to stay and eat some of Aunt Suzie’s delicious fruity Jell-o mold surprise, but duty calls.”

He worked for a while and replaced all of the doodads that connect the line from our house to the line on the pole. He said that the neutral connector looked “dicey”. So he replaced all of them. Now, if it starts this flickering business again, the problem is an internal electrical issue. So sayeth the electric man, anyway.

Well, I’ve got to solve a slow drain issue and figure out where I am going to eat for this week’s article. More soon. ~SC


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