Slacktivists Unite! (from your couches)


December 4, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Pancake Land learned a new word yesterday, therefore I learned a new word yesterday. It’s called “Slacktivism”. Slacktivism is, for all intensive purposes, lazy activism. It is activism that doesn’t really do or change anything. I mean other than making the person doing this simple and wholly useless act feel like they are doing something to make the world a better place. I’ll give you an example.

A few days ago, people on the Facebook started changing their “profile pics” to their favorite cartoons from their childhood, in order to “raise awareness about child abuse”. Needless to say, having a person change their photo of them from duckface to Uncle Scrooge, does not stop one kid from being slapped around by Drunk Daddy or touched by Creepy McPederast. It does, however, make the person who changed their photo feel like they helped prevent child abuse and therefore they feel all warm and tingly inside. Oddly enough, researchers have shown that that warm and tingly feeling you get from changing your photo to help prevent child abuse is the same warm and tingly feeling your local neighborhood child molester/serial killer gets when they run a 7 and a half inch keyhole saw right into little Timmy’s superior vena cava. Just so you know.

For more totally true info on Slacktivism, go to here: or not. I was reading that and I couldn’t help but laugh when they included prayer and wearing ribbons as a slacktivist activities. Man this changes what “Red Ribbon Week” at the Catholic school was like in my memory. It’s true, though. A hundred kids swearing to be “Drug Free” doesn’t stop crack from being smoked. Nancy Reagan was way ahead of her time.

Enough about that silliness. Bored now. Oh, no one has claimed the wine fridge, yet. I finally took a photo of it to pique a little interest. Check it out:

Yeah, so if you want it email me or make a comment on here or go by and get it, just let me know.

So the All Trig Homework/All Weekend Weekend is officially lame. I think I finished 15 problems in like 3 hours last night. Lots of “real world applications”. Groan. I have 55 more problems to go. My plan is to just pick away at them over the next two days (today and tomorrow) in order to have Monday night off so that I can rest up for the test on Tuesday. After Tuesday, classes are over until January. Hooray. Don’t go uncorking the champagne quite yet, though. I still have my finals on Thursday. Yeah, Thursday is going to be a rough one. From 8am-10am I have my Zoology final, from 11am-1pm I have my Trig final, and from 1pm until 5pm we are having the Open House in the Letterpress shop. I told K to have a cup of coffee waiting for me when I get out of Trig or else I won’t be able to function for the four hours of the Open House. Oh, and everyone is welcome to swing by and see the shop on Thursday. Hence, Open House and not Partially Closed House.

Well, I need to go start this fun time in Math land business. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    HAHA Holy smokes I know all about the slacktivism. I think the facebook trend of changing your profile pic is ridiculous. I’d rather tell you in person though how I have been handling it.

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