The Double Down Comforter.


December 29, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

The title might lead one to think that I was about to talk about a comforter for a bed made from KFC’s notorious “Double Down”. I would call it a sandwich, but since they got rid of the bread and replaced it with fried chicken, it’s not a sandwich. A heart attack, yes. A sandwich, no. And no, I’m not going to talk about a blanket made out of fried chicken. But I could. Now that I’ve thought of it, it seems pretty interesting. I’ll ponder on it today and if I come up with anything worth talking about, I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

For as long as I have known her, Pancake Land does this thing where she has to fall asleep watching television. Toward the end of our stint at Little Peddler’s/G-Man’s house, she weened herself off of the tube and would come to bed and read or do a crossword before falling asleep. Recently, she’s been having insomnia or nightmares or playful baby cats or something keeping her from getting sleep. So, on comes the tube again. Can I still call it a tube? It’s a flat screen. Is there a tube in there at all? Screw it, there’s bound to be a tube of some kind in there, so it’s still the tube. She falls asleep watching Ice Road Truckers or Ax-Men or some other show with grungy men with potty-mouths do incredibly dangerous jobs. I would worry if it wasn’t for Lisa.

She’s the wild card of the bunch. I can’t explain it, but I am so afraid of her. Wait, what was I saying? Oh Pancake Land has been falling asleep on the couch watching the television and then, when I get up, she wakes up just enough to realize that she’s on the couch and then she goes to the bedroom. Not having a warm body next to me while I am sleeping is stupid. Especially since the bedroom has dick for insulation and gets quite frigid at night with the door closed (to prevent the cats from running on my face with their little hooks and the tearing of the flesh). Solution? I started stealing Pancake Land’s comforter. Double down comforters. So nice. It is not a warm as another person, but it works well enough. If only I could come up with a solution this clever to solve the problem of redneck radio, in general, I would be set. It is really too bad that NPR is so soothing.

Anyway, the forecast for today is rain and lots of it. So much for the trike ride I was going to take to work. Today I am making more mugs. I think. Unless there is a bunch of weird stuff happening in Le Duke’s email inbox. Time is short and I must away. I will leave you with this golden nugget that Curly Bill gave me yesterday. May I present, Double Dream Hands!

Yeah, more soon. ~SC


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