To Prevent Lye Eruption.


December 27, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

The clothes washer machine was draining slowly again. Which just means that when it was running a spin cycle and pumped water out of the machine and into the drain, the drain pipe would fill up with water and then overflow onto the floor. So, I snaked and snaked and snaked to no avail. Apparently this clog was serious, so I had to be serious as well. I bought some heavy duty clog remover. It is serious. So serious, in fact, that it told me to wear full protective gear whenever the bottle is open and to cover the drain with “any non-aluminum pan or dish to prevent lye eruptions”. I don’t exactly know what a lye eruption is, but based on my experiences with lye (i.e. Fight Club), I don’t care to find out.

It’s Monday, again. Great. Luckily for me, Le Duke is out of town and K has given me the week off. I get to have a pretty laid back week. My plan is to eat somewhere, everyday, that I can write a review on. And probably with the Rev. Dark Wombat. My plan is to get a little ahead for the upcoming travels weeks and whatnot. I mean, in the next three months I have our trip to Cancun, my trip to Philadelphia, Spring Break, and my 30th birthday. I’m going to be all over the place and having a few aces in the hole, or rather, articles in the folder, is never a bad idea. Plus, it will get the Rev. Dark Wombat out of his folk’s house and into the fresh air. Or at least into the delicious smelling air.

I just spent 15 minutes watching trailers that I’d already seen. I need to write a letter.

Dear Apple/Movie Companies,

Please put some new trailers up on your website because I can only watch the Cedar Rapids trailer so many times before I eventually get bored. Thanks.


Sandwich Control

And send. (bloop bleep blorp) Nothing yet. Dammit. I thought this email business was supposed to make life faster. This is bullshit. I’m going to work. You watch the Cedar Rapids trailer a hundred times and see if you don’t go to work.

More soon. ~SC


  1. Jessica says:

    My washer is doing the same thing…are you…in my house?

  2. DAVE says:


  3. JG says:

    Hey – I googled “lye eruption” because I’m ready to heavy duty drain-unclog and want to find out if I need to ventilate my house. What was the result of your efforts?

  4. It cleared my drain and I needed no ventilation. Good luck.

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