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December 28, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

* Update! * Curly Bill just emailed me requesting a squishy, loving, cuddly, little baby cat for his Mom. It doesn’t have to be an actual baby cat, but it has to be young-ish and play well with others. Since we are currently foster-less on Holliday Island, I told him that I’d reach out to you, the loyal readers. If you have kittens or young cats that need a good home, let me know. If for some reason you have forgotten my email address, it is: sandwichcontrol at gmail dot com. Thanks bunches. ~SC

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

What is up? I work out.

So, last night Word to Me called to inform me that my last Grismas presnent finally arrived. You see, what had happened was…

Two years ago I got a watch for Grismas. Not just any ol’ watch, mind you, but a fisherman’s watch. It tells me when the ideal fishing times are based on moon phases and my position in space and whatnot. Anyway, if you know anything about me, you know that the past two years have been the hardest years this watch has ever known, thus far anyway. Come Grismas this year, it smelled of a dirty dish rag that was used to clean up a bottle of spilled Lambrusco and a bowl of spilled Velveeta-based cheese dip. I kept having to hot glue it back together so that I could continue to have a functioning watch. I guess the long and short of it is that I asked for a new watch band for Grismas. Unfortunately, finding one that did not cost $40 took over an hour of searching online. I ended up finding one on an official Casio parts store’s page. I sent the link to Word to Me and she took it from there. Unfortunately, companies that handle parts of things have no concept of Grismas timeliness, so we just got them in yesterday. I say them, because she got one for my Papa, too. I bet you are wondering why we didn’t just go to WalMart* and buy a new watchband. Aren’t you? Well, it turns out that our watches have a special design that prevents them from using any other watch band. Clever, no?

Anyways, here’s the two year old band versus the new band:

See what I mean about the design? It has those two things that stick up that straddle the thingy on the watch body. Bastards. I kept the old band because I have the notion to use it as a template for making my own bands in the future. We’ll see if I follow through with that.

Oh, here’s something fun for you to do today that will waste away those hours of work that you would normally spend pretending to be busy: Ooey-Gooey. Just click and hold on the liquid and sling it around. You can also change all of the settings at the top of the page (density, gravity, viscosity, etc.). Have fun.

Yesterday morning I got an email from the Rev. Dark Wombat requesting that he be picked up from the airport around 1pm. Granted, I hadn’t had much coffee at that point, but it seemed to me that he had just flown in days earlier. Turns out that he was flying in from Baton Rouge this time so that he could go visit some friends in Tulsa. So, I picked him up, we grabbed some lunch, and I took him to his folk’s house so that he could get on the road. He assured me that he’ll be back sometimes later in the day on Wednesday, for all of you concerned with his whereabouts.

Speaking of travelers, I talked to Zaxxon last night. He had made it safely through Missouri and Iowa and was almost home. No worries. Well, the bells are ringing (God I hate bells) so it must be time for me to go to work. More soon. ~SC


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