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January 13, 2011 by sandwichcontrol

It is -10°C (14°F) outside right now. I just remembered that I told Pancake Land that I would trike to school today, so that she could use the truck. Awesome. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Sometimes, you just have to ride hard.

Every week, I get Pancake Land to proof my articles for me. It is torture for her. In exchange for her services, she exacts a fee of making fun of me and my “writing style”. There was some talk of my “willy-nilly use of Capitalization and commas” and I couldn’t help to start singing “Karma Chameleon” and replaced the word karma with the word comma. It is fun! You try!

Wasn’t that fun? I know that I sure had a good time singing it and it was quite intrinsically rewarding getting Culture Club stuck in Pancake Land’s head.

Speaking of fun things, Teacher Sis sent this to me and I got a kick out of it:

2011 officially blows. Last night, we got more bad news. Pancake Land’s computer would not start up. Awesome. Especially, since she has an online business. She took it in to a repair place and they said that they’d take a look at it give her a call. Sometime. So she is without a computer. Me, being the loving supportive man that I am, volunteered my computer to help out until she got her work done or until her lappie situation gets solved. There was lots of questions like “How do I right click?” and “How do I make the window bigger? I want it to be bigger.”. Stuff like that. I envisioned one of those Mac versus PC commercials with me as the Mac and her as the PC.

Me: Hi, I’m a Mac.

Pancake Land: And I’m a PC.

Me: (this is where I make fun of her for not being able to function as well as me)

Pancake Land: You’re never having sex again.


That was the most terrifying commercial ever. Luckily, I got my lappie back after she finished working and was able to get my Daily Photo up and check the emails before bed.

She is so bored without her computer. I am taking this as a blessing in disguise. She got so bored that she actually started messing around and learning to play the ukulele that I got her for Grismas. (She is frighteningly good at it already.) Of course, while I was folding clothes, she proceeded to tune the thing. Forever. It was so surreal that I had to document it. Observe:

It was like a fever dream.

Well, I’ve got a long road ahead of me today. Microbiology this morning, then work in the letterpress shop, then a bit of tutoring work with the future Dr. Chris, then advanced bookmaking, then a break, then microbiology lab until 9:40pm. Thursdays are murder. That said, I must away to get this show on the road, but mostly on the sidewalk. More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    I would have killed myself if I had to listen to that for very long. I once found a .wav of how each string was supposed to sound during an open pluck. I repeated it like 30 times and burned it to disc. Have her try this
    While youre at it, go get your balls back.

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